This weather is odd.

It was nice and sunny and warm when I walked down to lunch at about noon today.

It was cold and cloudy when I walked back down to the student center at about 2:30.

When I left an hour later, it was snowing. Sort of. It was like little teeny-tiny snowballs: think hail, but tiny and not solid ice.

Then it rained a bit. Then it regular-snowed a bit. It’s still snowing a wee bit, and…thundering.

So we’re basically having a thunderstorm. With snow. In January. In the middle of the desert. :confused:

Welcome to New Mexico! Have you seen it rain while the sun is shining yet? That’s my personal favorite.

Once, earlier this fall. Never wanted my sunglasses in the midst of a downpour before.

Out of curiousity, where in NM are you?

NinjaChick, learn this phrase:

“New Mexico weather has PMS.”

Trust me.

What’s sick is that I miss NM weather right now. Stupid snow.

Heh - just wait a month or two and you’ll need to start carrying lead bars in your pockets lest you blow away.

(about 2 hours south of you here)

Basandre, you’re the only person who needs lead weights. If you would eat more than once a month, you might be better. :wink:

They don’t call it the “Land of Enchantment TM” for nothing!

Just be careful in the spring–I’ve seen a nice spring day go to blizzard conditions and the temperature drop 20 degrees within as many minutes. Do not leave your coat at home until May. You never know what might happen. And remember, it isn’t spring yet until we’ve had the hailstorm. (You’ll know that’s approaching when the sky gets a greenish cast.)

“Put rocks in your pocket” is a common phrase uttered during windstorms. The wind gusts can occaisionally be powerful enough to knock a person over–I almost got pushed into traffic by the wind.

But for the most part, dealing with the weather here is a matter of waiting. If you don’t like it, just wait 10 minutes and it changes.

know what the bible says about weird weather and earthquakes? THE END IS COMING!!! AHHHHHHHHH we’re all either gonna get raptured up or run over by the cars of people that do. Save yourself and hide in a hole.

Yikes! I’m a tiny person to begin with - I’ll be screwed!

I had a little warning when I came out here…my sister goes to school in Colorado Springs, so they get even more wacky-fun guessing games with the weather. I’ve been out there a couple times: I’m pretty sure that they manage to cram every season and every imaginable weather phenomenon into one single 24-hour period. I’m perfectly happy with my occasional fits of odd weather, but otherwise reliably sunny-300-days-a-year desert.

And also, damn, can you get good Mexican in this place or what?

I’m in Albuquerque, and I had no idea the SDMB was so well-represented in New Mexico! One more advantage we and Santa Fe have over Colorado Springs, by the way, is that we tend not to get tornadoes.

If you wear contact lenses, you’ll want to stock up on the artificial tears before late March. Or just put them away and wear your glasses until May. Ooh, and you may get to see your first mudfall this spring if it rains during one of the dust storms!

Yeah, it’s a real laugh riot when you duck into a store to escape a sandstorm and the radio is playing “Dust in the Wind.” Oh, and don’t miss the borax storms of late winter. (No, it doesn’t literally snow borax; tiny ice/snow pellets fall and it looks like laundry detergent landed everywhere.)