Spring is here! Why the hell is it snowing?

All winter long, warm and dry La Nina conditions have prevailed in New Mexico. Then today, hard on the heels of the Vernal Equinox, a sudden snowstorm erupted. The snow was falling when I got up this morning, and aside from some brief interruptions, has not stopped falling yet. During the winter, we got a little snow on a couple of days, but it was always gone within hours. All told, this is more snow than we have gotten all winter long. I have to say, this is a very weird time to be in New Mexico. First there was a gigantic state-wide power outage on Saturday, now this. It just goes to show how far you can trust the weather around here. Oh, well. This will at least replenish the snowpack and forestall drought conditions. Besides, it’s been nice, cool, let’s-have-a-picnic weather all winter, so I guess having a snowball-throwing spring should restore some balance. It’s still bizarre, though…

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Wow! I was kinda miffed when it snowed here in Iowa over the weekend!
That might have something to do with the fact that we have had some wonderful weather lately. 70 to near 80 almost two weeks ago.
It might also have to do with the fact that my heathens got to play outside in only jackets for that time, and now they have been inside and driving me crazy!
Mother Nature has a wonderful sence of humor doesn’t she?

Mistress Kricket

Hey NTG, as a neighbor to the north I can relate.

Did you get the winds we did up in Colorado? For God’s sake I thought the shingles where going to come off the house!

I don’t know about NM, but in CO we can get some pretty wicked springs storms. I hope this is the last of it even though we had a very mild winter here too.

Yeah, no shit, what the hell is going on? Two days ago I was wearing shorts and driving around town with the windows down and the T-tops off on my MR2. Today I damn near choaked on my testicles as they shot straight up as I walked outside. Ya know, I dont mind hot (actually I perfer it), and I dont mind cold, but could someone make up my mind!

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New Year’s Day here in New York, we walked outside to get breakfast an it was positively balmy. It even smelled like Spring. It was revolting.

The last couple days, it’s been so cold that puddles are freezing on the sidewalks. Love that! In JANUARY!

Gamera is really neat, he is full of turtle meat, we’ve been eating Gam-er-aaaa…

Snow??? :smiley:

I am so glad for the snow we needed (ok at least I do) the moisture. And I’m still running around in my shorts :slight_smile: <thumbing my nose at mother nature>

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Because you live in New Mexico, NTG.
If the weather of states was represented by people, we would have Tom Green for us. You never know what the crazy fuck is gonna do next!

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Well, it better all go away by this weekend, as me, SO, and my parents are heading to Taos, Santa Fe, then back up through Durango. I want it to be nice and warm!

It’s getting better here in CO. The “blizzard” that all the TV stations were warning us about turned out to be a couple sprinkles of snow. It’s been windy, but that’s letting up, too.

Ooh that “blizzard” ticked me off, Athena! 8-20 inches my Aunt Fanny. Drizzled all day, iced the roads overnight and melted. Just a typical spring day in Colorado. I swear, the Native tribes up and down the front range must have cursed the white man with bizarre weather. I like to count the SUVs in the ditch the next day. Most of them have temporary plates still.

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Spring is here
The grass has riz
I wonder where
The flowers is?