This Weekend's World Cup Qualifiers

Finally back to meaningful games, USA has an important qualifier this weekend v Costa Rica. The game is in Salt Lake City and they’ve laid down real grass in the stadium. I’ll be most interested to see who is ready for this match that was not ready for the England friendly last weekend. RunDMB, JOB, hopefully somebody not named Greg at leftback, and even better if Pope is not playing in the defensive center.

But there are a number of other interesting fixtures slated for this weekend. Here are the ones I know about:

Guatemala v Mexico - important for CONCACAF standings.
Serbia v Belgium - Serbia are doing well and there actually a number of Serbians in my area, so it might be fun to find a pub to watch this one.
Netherlands v Romania - not sure how Romania are doing now, but I always find the Orange fascinating to watch.
Norway v Italy - can the Norsk stop the Italians?
Ireland v Israel - one of these teams could make a move to lead their group.

So, any thoughts on these or any other games of interest that I’ve missed?

Also, for Americans, the EU constitution votes in France and Netherlands seem to be helping the dollar against the Euro, which is good if it holds that trend through next summer.