This woman's grip is stronger than mine - Closes Captains of Crush gripper # 2!

She closed the Captains of Crush # 2 gripper! I can get to 1/4 inch but I can’t put the handles together.

Here she is in action!

Here she is shot putting

Interview here

Wow. That’s seriously impressive. I can get the handles to parallel, but that’s it so far.

Edit: For those who aren’t familiar, the #2 takes about 195 psi to close. Your typical grocery store hand grippers take about 10-20 psi.

Very impressive, plus she’s totally hot.

Out of respect, I refuse to post a handjob joke.

You show greater restraint than at least one commenter of that first video…

What’s that credit card thing all about?

I wondered the same thing so I looked it up. In order to be certified, you have to start from a “legal starting position” which is first closing it to the width of a credit card. I have no idea why that is supposed to be important.

I see. Huh! Those gripper things are always too big for my hands, so I’ll never be a crusher.

She’d kill you.

I was soo happy when I closed the #2 considering I couldn’t even close the trainer when I started off. Sadly though I have no idea where to get certified in the UK :frowning:

Interesting and only slightly related there was a strikemate pad at a martial arts show I went to and an 11 year old girl got 3/4 of my score (I got 20,000 she got 15,000) and she beat a lot of the other guys there too. She’s more than a head shorter than me, and not very (visibly) built. My only consolation is that she was Amber kitchen, daughter of the female muay thai champion.

If you’re a woman, contact them and they’ll set something up for you. If you’re not, get cracking on the #3.