Those given up for adoption ad babies: Which way do they break on abortion?

Just wondering if any polling has ever been done (in the US, or elsewhere) on adults who were given up for adoption as babies. I am wondering if their views on abortion are statistically similar to a random sample from the same population they have come from.


Well, since no one else has answered yet, I’ll give a personal answer.

My father was adapted, and I am pro-life for that very reason. I believe that for most people who get abortions it would be a better idea to have the kid, and just put him/her up for adaption.

So, at least for me, I am one generation removed from the adaption event, and it does influence my beliefs.

Can’t speak from experience but as a hypothetical I don’t think it would change my pro-choice position. Emphasis on “choice” and not pro-“abortion”.
While I would be grateful my biological mother made the “choice” to put me up for adoption, I would not have ever wanted to take that “choice” away from her.

I was adopted. I put my daughter up for adoption. I’ve also had an abortion.

What does it all mean?

Beats me.