"Those Were The Days" Oldie Song

“Once upon a time there was a tavern…those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end…”

What is the story with this song? Is it from a musical, perhaps “Funnygirl”? I assume it’s Barbra Streisand singing, correct? I can’t find it on her greatest hits…where does this song appear? Do I have the correct title? - Jinx :confused:

This was sung by the Welsh crooner Mary Hopkin back in the swinging sixties. If my memory serves, she was on the Apple record label.

It’s not from a musical, though like Scott Walker’s stuff, it sounds like it.

Here’s the Allmusic article on the song - http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=33:ymj9ke9tgq7m

Mary Hopkin, who was a protoge of Paul McCartney released it. It is on her

Post Card album,

She was pretty much a one-hit wonder, wasn’t she? At least, I don’t recall any other major hits by her.

Her second hit was “Goodbye.” She later married Tony Visconti and is still active in the music business. link.

I’ve been trying to find her “Spirit” CD for about 100 years now.

Mary Hopkin had at least three top 40 hits.

“Those Were the Days”, #2, 1968
“Goodbye”, #13, 1969
“Temma Harbour”, #39, 1970

The tune was taken directly from a Russian folk song, “Dorogoy Dlinoyu (Long Road)” - also about memories of a love affair.

Maybe not, but I can recommend her Earth Song/Ocean Song album. Although the songs aren’t what you’d call “upbeat”, they are poignant in a sort of early 1970’s folky style. Probably not a good record to listen to if you’re currently on anti-depressants, though.

Although I can’t immediately lay my hands on it, I’m pretty sure I got a CD version of it a few years back, possibly even with a cut of “Those were the days” on it.

Whoof! You guys pushed my nostalgia button with this one – fond memories of a romance that never could be, many years back.

Know what this song reminds me of? That’s right, the good old days. And Mad Magazine. When they did their Lord Of The Rings spoof. As a musical.

Anybody with me on this one or did this only happen in my world?

They spoofed the OP song into such lyrical marvels as:

They also did Barry Manilowe “I write the songs”

Can’t remember the rest of that one.

McCartney wrote “Goodbye”. I have a recording of him singing it.

I guess I always thought it was Babs… Just like that song “She’s Gone” by Player really sounds like Hall & Oates to me…which is why it never appeared on any of H&O’s albums! Sure had me fooled!


  • Jinx

“She’s Gone” is by Hall & Oates… you mean “Baby Come Back”.

Don’t feel too dumb. For years I thought Orleans’ “Still The One” was by the Doobie Brothers… and Foghat’s “Fool For The City” was by Boston.