Thoughts that come to you in the shower

“Our Presidency Could Be Your Life” – The Nixon Administration recast as a dysfunctional band lead by a frontman who just gradually lost it. (“But I’m sweating in this office/Because I have to know./Have I been a crook all this time?”)

So… what strange ideas have come to you in a shower recently?

While scrubbing myself

“You know, it’s a good thing that we didn’t evolve as centaurs or we wouldn’t be able to scrub our own butts.”

It would be easier for us to meditate, though.

We’d always be able to centaur ourselves.


“Grazing the salad bar” would have a whole new level of relevance.

Got to get that water heater fixed.

I’m at my creative peak in the shower. Something about performing a daily ritual that frees the mind. Pretty much every potential invention I’ve come up with has been while wet and soapy.

Whenever I take a shower I hear screeching violins in my head, which are quite distracting. Therefore, random epiphanies are rare.

Everyone knows the shower’s for singin’ and the pooper’s for thinkin’.

I argue with all the people I didn’t have a chance to argue with yesterday.

I also read in the shower – usually all my newsmagazines – so I argue with politicians.

Yes, my magazines are damp, but I am well-informed.

My deepest Kindle regret is that is not waterproof.

Me too. And also when I’m in the shower.

Me too, except that what I actually do is think of all the things I should have said in response to what someone said to me…

“wow, the grout is dirty”

“should I rub one out? Nah, I’m late already”

“[perfect wording for some contractual provision I’m negotiating]”

“gotta remember to tell [my wife] that I need razors”

“oh, OK, maybe a real quick one”

I hope nobody flushes the toilet.

I really should have gone to bed earlier last night. And skipped that last beer.

Gee, this shower gel bottle is huge. Too big for one person. Wish I had someone to share it with. Like the former Youth Minister of Costa Rica.

thought about the score to The Magnificent Seven while in the shower today…
what a fantastic score…

Sorry, but I have to practice sometime! :slight_smile:

Did dads play horsie with their kids on their backs before or after the domestication of the horse? I’ve got to think before: it’s a natural thing to do. Other primates like baboons do it. Horses weren’t even big enough to ride until after domestication and selective breeding anyway. Maybe playing horsie is where we got the idea to tame wild horses? I should start a thread on the dope about this. Nah, the people who have science degrees and careers would just sneer. I feel like I could take a shit. Why didn’t I do that before I got in here?