I just took a shower in my clothes.

Good thing : Socks soften the feel of the hard tile floor.

Bad thing : Water soaked pants weigh too much.

Cool thing : When you push your hand along a wet shirt in a downward motion, pressing out most of the water, it looks kinda cool when it “fills up” again.

Interesting thing : When you rinse the shampoo out of your hair the pants funnel all the water through your butt crack.

All in all I give it a 6.

Aside from the obvious question of “WHY?!” I’d just like to say that I’ve also been in the shower fully dressed. I wasn’t there to shampoo or anything as you were: my fully clothed showers were usually a way of sobering up, or the result of thinking I was undressed while my mind was in a disabled state of reason.

Moderators, could you please move this one to GD? :rolleyes:


No reason. I’ve just never done that before.

Ted: This sounds like something Frye from Futurama would do just to show Leela how to be impulsive. Next try eating cereal and milk off the top of your head without a bowl. Can it really be done? Awaiting report . . .

::shakes head, walks off muttering::

This sounds like an interesting experiment, but I don;t think I’d ever try it----don’t know what shampoo and stuff will do to your clothes… would have to wear old shop (mechanic) clothes or something–haha…
anyhow, glad you have fun… :slight_smile:

Teehee! snort!
…man… If I ever made a list of the things I’ve never done it would be soooooo long…

Were any mind altering substances involved in you decision to go through with this?

Eggs, you get ten points for doing a Futurama take off. If you really want, you could feed your boss to his man eating anteaters, then murder your best friends: Turn one of them into a sporty go-kart, and eat the tastiest one. And stuff another into a clock. Muhahaha.

Pug, its Fry. :slight_smile:

Weird. I tuned into this thread because I thought it was about using condoms…