Thread symbols

This has probably been asked before, but I was too lazy to look beyond the first page:
What do all those different thread symbols mean? That is, the symbols to the left of each thread? There’s one that’s just a blue closed envelope, one that’s a blue closed envelope with lines coming out of it, a yellow open envelope, and an orange open envelope with a bunch of pages stuffed in it.

I assume they’re of the nature of “you haven’t read this thread since the last message”.

Jeez you’re even too lazy to scroll to the bottom of the first page.

As don’t ask says, the icons are explained at the bottom of the forum display page.

"As don’t ask says, " that should be “As don’t ask alludes to”.

I stand corrected.


Ryan rulz! I love it love it love it. If they won’t listen to you, my man, the least you can do is act like they say you do! :smiley: