Threads I can only answer in the Pit.

Would torturing Zubeida be justified?

Yes, but only because it would piss pjen off. It gives me a secret thrill to be condescended to.

One imagines that Pjen would lose respect for the US.

Why start this thread and then post a non pit OP. You could have posted that in GD.

Nothing like a good old fashion pile on eh? :rolleyes:

Higher regard my bollocks

Especially if it’s all in good fun on the moderators! :smiley:

In how high a regard are your bollocks held, kojimbo?

Someone’s pilot light is out, but his lame light is danger red.

yojimbo- my comment was certainly not fit for GD; it was a snide aside, adding nothing to the debate that pjen actually wished to start. Excuse me, the anti-US ranting and raving and insinuating that the US is the font of all evil in the world that pjen wished to start. Therefore, I answered it in the Pit.

Just because I don’t see any need to swear doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in the Pit.

AIEEE!!! Someone secretly replaced my keyboard’s “y” with a “k”!! Damn you, Illuminati!

At least they didn’t use dark, sparkling Folgers crystals…

How about we torture Pjen?

Torture by making posters who quote biased news sources and then ask inane questions all post in the same thread?