Threadspotting Problem?

When I go to the SD Homepage and click on the Threadspotting link, I get taken to the MB Forum menu. Is anyone else having this problem?

They haven’t updated the Threadspotting link to the new board yet, and apparently the old link just defaults to the main page.

The old UBB URLs did not survive the transition to vBulletin. It’s the one thing we were not able to preserve try as we might. Currently when you go to an old UBB URL it should send you to the new vBulletin message board forum page, The new vBulletin URL for the Threadspotting feature is:

Y.A.R.N., anyone?

I’ll update the link on the Straight Dope Home Page. Have been meaning to do that. Thanks.


I think it’s a case of that link being in the old (UBB board) format. The URLs for threads have changed. When I click on an old thread link, I find myself at the main MB page.

The URL for this thread:

The URL for an older thread:

Thanks! Glad it’s not just me!