Three Babies, One Cake, And A Lot Of Plastic Sheeting

What happens? Well, not nearly as much of a mess as expected, really. But, I made promises to post pics of this event, so here ya go.

Major cuteness goin’ on there Hal. Ya know, that’s the way we should all be able to eat our birthday cakes. :smiley:

Almost makes me want another baby…nah.

Too cute though. I love the icing on the toes. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Shayla. :slight_smile: She’s even cuter in person. Who are the kiddies sharing cake with her?

My wife spent a few years on a message board for women with fertility problems. She and two of the other women on there got pregnant right around the same time, and the three babies are the results. All three were born within two weeks of each other, hence the shared birthday party.

Step 1. Repeat when the girls turn 18.
Step 2. Fire up the streaming web video.
Step 3. Profit!!1!

:eek: :wink: :smiley: :cool:

Ah, you’re not fooling us! You just want to see pretty 18 year old girls topless! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cute pictures. Glad they could have fun with the cake.


Naa, I’m no prevert. Only if they have something to be topless about.

They’re adorable! The names on their diapers are really cute too, it looks like they had a lot of fun.

Yes! I’ve been hanging out for this, with memories of my twin cousins’ birthday. My aunt wouldn’t let them do something like this, so this is great!

Heh…glad you like.

And might I just say: holy crap, as of 3:41 this morning, that little tiny bean that once fit so easily in the crook of my arm is one year old. Unbefrickinglybelievable.

19 more days for mine.

I didn’t read the OP, just clicked on the link and immediately thought, “What? Who brings their babies to a party clad in just diapers? Jeez.” And *then *started looking at the other pictures and went


This is my favorite.

All gone!

Heh…no, they arrived much more tastefully dressed.

Just better not let that happen once they’re in their teens and beyond.

And this is the one that comes out on prom night.


BTW, I had a dress just like that! Same color and everything.

Which one is yours in this pic, btw? They all look like a bunch of blond moppets to me.

The one in the middle, chewing on…err…well, I have no idea what she’s chewing on. Daddy of the Year – that’s me.