Three bumper stickers seen recently

It’s not Mother Nature. It’s Father God.

Who put this sentiment together, a bunch of people who thought “ooo, that mother nature is getting all the credit. We gotta get the word out, that it was God all along.” I’d like to listen in on the argument between the guy who thinks “mother nature” did it and the guy who thinks “god” did it. At least if you wrote “It’s not the Big Bang. It’s the Big God” you’re presenting a point of view.

My child serves in Iraq, so yours can party in college.

First of all, pal, my kid was partying in college long before your kid got sent to Iraq, so I’m really missing how the one allows the other. Secondly, let’s hear it for selfless service to one’s country.

Don’t let the car fool you, my real treasure is in heaven.

Well, it was actually kind of funny because it was on a real piece of shit car, but if I ever see this one on some $50,000 ride. . .

Shit, that’s obnoxious. I’d stop next to that asshole at the first light, roll down my window, and say: “I went to college to pay the salary for your dumbass son, who thinks Iraq was somehow stopping American colleges from being party venues”, but then, I’m not American, so I don’t actually pay his salary. :slight_smile:

American colleges are party venues. Fuck, I miss out on everything…

Including apparently, question marks . sigh

American colleges are party venues**?**


Well, I don’t know! All I know is, there certainly was a lot of partying when I was in college over here. OK, maybe not physically in the college, but still. :slight_smile:

I just had to be an engineering major. I wouldn’t consider anything else.

What that meant was that I was stuck in the lab or the library working while the Art History losers were out partying. I didn’t even have time to sleep, dammit.

I’m going to quit my job and go back to scholl in some kind of liberal arts major, just to make up for all the partying I missed.

My favorite:
America Bless God

In addition to being a weak pun, it’s pointless and wrongheaded for those who believe. We are to ask God to bless us. We are, in turn, to *thank * God.

Now, if it said:
America, thank God!
I could get behind that for the double meaning as an imperitive & as an opinion.

You mean all those brave young men were dying overseas so that you could party in college and you did nothing about it.

Ha - this music major barely had time to eat in between all of the rehearsals, individual practices, one-course-hour classes (which really meant you still spent 3 hours a week in class, but got one hour credit for it), and regular bullshit classes they made us take. I had about six semesters where I went from 8 AM to 7:30 PM just in class and rehearsals four days a week, and then had to fit in my regular studying at the same time (along with food - no wonder we were 2 AM Taco Bell regulars). So don’t think all arts majors had it easy. If I could do it again, I’d be a history major. Our history majors spent more time partying than anyone else on our floors.



Care to share some of my sour grapes avabeth?

Were they all one one car?

Nothing like a smarmy and judgemental bumper sticker.

My downstairs neighbor had this one: “I support the flag – and I vote!” What the fuck does that mean?

No. Three different cars, but the guy who had the “treasure” one had bumper stickers EVERYWHERE on his car. All the way down the side, on the doors and quarter panels.

He had a lot of bumper stickers about Jesus.

Sure. But only if I get to be an art history major this time. Can you get a real job doing that?

Can we make up our own bumper stickers?

I Got My Art History Degree So Your Kid Could Fight In Iraq.

(Disclaimer, I have respect for everyone fighting, but I was out of college long before this war started…).


It’s clearly a warning message to those senators who are trying to pass legislation outlawing the flag.

Damn Skippy. You think we were history majors because we wanted good jobs or something? HA!

My child serves in Iraq, and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker.

He’s a Pole?

Dude! What kind of engineer are you? More importantly, what school did you go to? I have an engineering degree and a decent GPA and there were always parties going on that we engineering students somehow found time to attend. You missed out big time. Actually, knowing how to make 2 person beer bongs has never come in handy in my professional life. And I can certainly do without the memory of a few nightmare hangover events. Don’t even get me started about the stories that start with “you mashed with whom?” Perhaps the lab would have been a good place to spend more time.


“I’m a perambulatory dumbass” just isn’t as catchy.

Seen about six months ago in Houston, Texas (on the same SUV):
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.

Texas: it’s bigger than France.