Three Cheers for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew!
I’ve always loved Beaker! I totally agree that, as far as scientists go, they’ve totally got it over on Scully or Spock!

Favorite quote from the article:

I love the British.

I would have stuck with a career in science if I could find myself a Beaker. Stupid occupational safety laws. Sigh.

Ah yes. Dr Honeydew and his faithful assistant Beaker. “Muppet labs… where the future is being made today”

They were (and presumably still are, although they seem to have slipped from the public eye of late) scientists ahead of their time - Beaker was very successfully cloned (multiple times!) in the copying machine, and who can forget such scientific advances as:
[li]Edible Paperclips[/li][li]Gorilla detector[/li][li]Teleporter[/li][li]Germ enlarger[/li][li]Electric banana sharpener[/li][li]Electric sledgehammer (only attacks wimpy nerds)[/li][li]Nuclear Shaver[/li][li]The discovery of Bunsonium[/li][li]Turing gold into cottage cheese[/li][li]Magnetic carrots[/li][/ul]
And, of course, many, many more.

A most well deserved award.

I’m stunned that Dr. Who did not win. I wonder if they had to vote for the various versions of Dr. Who seperatly and thus divided his vote?

“Put that Gorrilla back! You don’t know where it’s been!”

Well, the Doctor isn’t so much a scientist as an interfering old busybody accompanied by an extremely annoying companion.

Well, I like Dr. Honeydew and all, but I’m kinda disappointed that Frank-N-Furter didn’t get it.

Allow me to echo the sentiment shared in the article: “‘the kind of scientists you would like to be but never quite dared to,’” and to add one more invention to their list of amazing scientific advances (from the original Muppet Movie), Insta-grow pills.

What do you suppose would have happened to the “success rate” for Pigs in Space missions had they brought on certain scientific consultants…?

:eek: Mee mee mee muh MEE!

Well, after the unfortunate incident with the teleporter (I think, my memory is a little fuzzy), I very much doubt that they would have been permitted back on the bridge of the swinetrek.