Three cheers for the Mods/Admins

After reading this thread I just had to do this…

Mods/Admins are often (always) criticized for their decisions and policies. We require them to make tons of judgement calls. That and the amount of work it must take to operate the vacuum cleaner around here (spammers and puppets and trolls, oh my!) I am impressed and grateful.

I do not always agree with the decisions made (but 9/10 I do), and I know I’m brown-nosing here. Don’t care. Thanks are due. Thank you for the work you do!

Hip…hip… HOORAY (X3)

Angling for a free 1-year-subscription? You’ll have to do better than that, believe me. I’ve got to agree, though.

Ever since the board went pay-to-post the amount of armchair quarterbacking has gone through the roof. The Mods are summarily found guilty of over-admining, under-admining, blah, blah blah. As far as I’m concerned, board ops is SDMB business, and not for public consumption. If the Mods want to throw us a bone now and then: so-and-so was banned because blah blah blah, then that’s great, but does my sub buy me the right to question the Mods every decision? Hell no. This ain’t no democracy, people. Your sub buys you the right to post. That’s it.

I take this kind of personnally because I work with a bunch of techies who think they have the right to criticize my admining, and second-guess my decisions. They don’t. I don’t care how things were done before - I’m here now, I’m the senior guy, and my rule ain’t a democracy; you get no vote. Bu-BYE.

I don’t see that members are questioning or criticizing the moderation here any more than they ever did. People have been doing that ever since I’ve been here, going on seven years.

While I do see the need for moderation, rules, and the occasional bannings and other disciplinary measures that sometimes become necessary, and I agree the mods here are doing a thankless task for nothing, and doing it well, I disagree that all their decisions need not be explained or even discussed. Probably the most important gain from openly airing these incidents is that others benefit by example.

I’m another who does not always agree with the administration decisions/actions – but still commends the staff here on doing a good job overall, in some very trying conditions, in keeping this board going and still in existence.

Good on ya, ladies an’ gents.

I agree. I do not wish for any part of the first full paragraph in the OP to change, including people questioning and more importantly mods answering. It’s just that that’s almost ALL we read about… hence the cheers.