Three colds in two months! WTF?

I had a bad cold at the beginning of February, which ran its course and I got completely well. Then I had a lesser cold at the beginning of March, which I got over in about 5-7 days. I just woke up with another one!

Only once in my life did I have two colds in one winter, and that was years ago. What in the world is going on? Should I see the doctor about this? I can’t imagine there’s anything he can do.

I’ve had the same problem for the last few years myself. I’ve gone from almost never getting sick to having at least three sinus infections or colds or whatever the heck is going around every year.

I assume it’s just part of aging, but I don’t really know.

It’s probably the same cold. Yours was a common experience to many in my office. 3 of the 4 people in my team have been coughing on and off for a good 3 months. I’ve somehow managed to get away with one week-long cold.

Perhaps it’s just bad luck…

In truth, that’s probably the right answer…some years the virus seems to miss you, sometimes you are the target.

I usually have 1-2 colds the first quarter of the year, so far I have been free of the sniffles. Guess you got my share this year.

Take care, don’t skimp on the tissues…

Oh god! I am with you. From October to January I had an ear or ear infections that would not go away. Then, then! I’ve got two little boys, one and three, and those rotten little bastards bring home all sorts of diseases/poxes/plagues from daycare and the whole family just trades that crap back and forth. (Nobody told me about that aspect of child-rearing! I feel lied to!) My wife and I got flu shots, still got the flu. For the past few weeks the family has been waging war against pink eye.

Last week Monday, three of the four of us stayed home sick. My youngest got to go to daycare, likely because he was already on antibiotics at the time. Doctor’s appointments for the rest of us. Final tally: youngest - pink eye, dual ear infections, oldest - flu, pneumonia, darling wife (my sun and stars) - sinus infection, flu, me - pink eye, dual ear infections. By the end of the day my entire family was on antibiotics. (Strike that. The dog was ok.) Then after that my oldest got pink eye, and now I’m rocking the flu and some sweet springtime allergies. As of this writing my darling wife (sun, stars, etc) is home with the youngest because he’s got teeth coming in and has had a pretty serious fever.

Mrs. Lowdown (D.W., S&S) and I are losing our minds. It never ends! Bickering hit a high point a few days ago, but I think now we’re resigned to just fighting it out together in the trenches. This past Saturday I cleaned the whole house top to bottom, bleached the toys and everything. Hopefully it helps. I have no idea what else to do…

It’s not just us, either. People have been dropping like flies here at work. Good luck and I hope you get better!

I’m on my third of the winter, but we just moved here last summer. I assume I’m acclimating to the new germs.

Good luck … and pass the tissues.

I usually don’t get colds but I had two in 2 months, myself. I’m pretty sure my problem is that now both of my nieces are in school and I see them several times a week. One or both of them has been sick every day since Jan 1, I think!

This isn’t a third cold; it’s the flu. And I had a flu shot in October, too. I feel like a truck hit me.

Oh boy, me too. Three colds since January, and I’ve spent the last week fighting off a fourth, overdosing on zinc tablets.

My whole office is the same, we just keep giving it back to each other. I find myself sending a daily email around the company reporting sick days in my team, which I’ve started titling ‘reports from the hospital ward’.

Do you have kids? Are they at a new school or something? I know when both my kids started preschool, the amount of colds and the like that I got went WAY up vs. before they went to school and before I had kids.

Could also be that one of your co-workers has kids who are in a new environment and are your patients zero, transferring new colds to your co-worker, and then to you.