Three days, three people, your call.

Ok here is a question I am dying to ask all you wonderful and crazy people.
If you were able to spend one day with each of three people. who would they be? and why?
To make it real interesting, consider time and language would not be a barrier.
Here would be my list.

  1. My grandfather. He graduated Medical school in 1930, was a forerunner in Radiology, could fix anything mechanical, and I have been compared to him in many ways by my relatives who knew him.
    2)Nikoli Tesla. He has alwasy facinated me. One of the most intellegent and ecentric men in history.
  2. Groucho Marx. I find his humor zany and timeless.

So, how about you?

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William Shakespeare - to find out who really wrote those plays.

Jesus - I want proof that he wasn’t just a regular man - show me some miracles or something.

Louis XIV - at the height of his popularity - to see what supreme, Divine-Right power was really like. Plus I’d get to wear those gorgeous 17th century dresses.

I’ll bite.

1)Richard Feynman, because he sounds like he was a fun guy.

2)Umberto Eco, because I wixh I was him. (Osip, you think you have problems with typos? That’s the fifth time today I’ve substituted “x” for “s”, and I do this for a living!)

3)Martha Stewart, because I want a job and stock options.

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  1. Jesus: he must have been a charismatic faith healer, at least.

  2. Adolf Hitler: to see the face of pure evil, and to determine the real personality behind the powerful facade.

  3. My aunt, who died 4 years ago. I’d give anything for another day with her.

  1. My dad, because there were a lot of things I never thought to ask him before he died. And I 'd give anything to see his face on finding out I’m following in his footsteps.

  2. My dad

  3. My dad

One day just wouldn’t be enough.

  1. Augustus Caesar

  2. Second on N. Tesla

  3. Uh…can’t think of a third one that would really interest me.


When I grow up, I want to be the Minister of Silly Walks.

Didn’t we do this already?
Pete Rose: The greatest player of all time, and a fine American.
Ty Cobb: to slap him silly.
Humphry Bogart: 'cause he was too cool for words.

  1. My mom, just to tell her again what a great person she was, how much she influenced my life. And one last time to make her laugh again.
  2. My dad, to find out all the things about him that he would not ever tell anyone. Even my mom didn’t know until he was 60 that he had spent 6 months behind German lines in a German prisoner of war camp during WWII.
  3. Jesus, just to hear his voice and talk with him.

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Dorothy Parker: To thank her for getting me through high school feeling a little less alone.

Cleopatra: to thank her for being the first feminist

Andy Kaufman: to attempt to figure out what the hell was going on in his wierd little head. (was a Kaufman fan WAY before that Freakin’ Movie.)

(but I DO think I’ll spend some time with my parents after reading this thread…)

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oooh, wait: I thought of a different one. (take out Cleo, she’d be attempting to seduce any men around, anyway.)

Jesus: To ask him if THIS was really what he had in mind.

My son - to make sure nothing is ever left unsaid.

My father - to make sure nothing was left unsaid.

My SO - to make sure I get the last word.

  1. My grandmother. She graduated Medical school in 1930, was a forerunner in Radiology, could fix anything mechanical, and I have been compared to her in many ways by my relatives who knew her.
    2)Nikoli Tesla. He has alwasy facinated me. One of the most intellegent and ecentric men in history.
  2. Groucho Marx. I find his humor zany and timeless.

Osip? What? You posted first, then reposted the same thing later? Only changed the gender of your grandparent?

Feynman, Jefferson, Newton.

Jesus, 'nuff said
Archimedes, anyone who can single-handedly hold off the strongest military in the world for 20 years (and using physics to do it!) is way cool in my book
And Shakespeare, find out if he knew about all of those ingenious jokes/hidden meanings he was writing.

And Irishman, apparently there’s two different folks with the username Osip, one of which is an ordinary poster, and the other of which is the granddaddy of all moronic sockpuppet trolls, with a vengeance. Now, you can tell them apart because one of them is banned (guess which one?). Theoretically, of course, it shouldn’t be possible for two folks to have the same username, but apparently there’s a backdoor or loophole somewhere.

Actually Irishman, if you don’t know already, the two were different posters.
Notice the profiles.


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exactly how many women went to medical school in the 1930s, but since you’re banned…

Who cares?

  1. My GGMother, “Mother Dear” (pronounced muh-DEER). Just to hear about the Native American side of my family.

  2. My Mom, I miss her so, and I’m so confused as to what to do now.

  3. Anne Frank. Just to have a cup of coffee with a famous regular person.

(and apparantly the big secret with the doppleganger is he used a space before the user name. That was how _Osip harrassed Osip. A glitch that I hope will soon be fixed.)

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All three on my list are dead.

Just a clarification


Hi real Osip here. In 1930 The university of Michigan graduated 6 women. I just had to get up off my tail and count. I have my grandfathers Medical School class picture framed on my wall. I must admit more than I expected for the time period.

As soon as I read the title of this, I was thinking Tesla, which, to my surprise, others are as well.

I’ll also second Jesus.

#3) Leonardo DeVinci, for his artistic and inventive ideas