Three Testicles!!!

My boyfriend is a healthy looking man but he has 3 testicles. It’s kinda like 2 reg size ones and then a smaller one bout half the size of the other 2. Is this ok? He said he’s had them for as long as he could remember! What might it be? Could it be cancer? If so wouldn’t he have had other signs?

Not common but not unknown. He was born to be a pawnbroker.

Google on polyorchidism for more information.

Do a Google search on ‘polyorchidism’

(I learned that playing Trivial Pursuit!)

darn simulposts

It’s early yet, but I was surprised that nobody asked what to do with an elephant with three balls. :slight_smile:

I’ll bite. I like stupid elephant jokes.

What do you do with an elephant that has three balls?

Ah. Shit. I’m slow tonight. “Walk him, and pitch to the zebra.”


The other baseball releated one:

“He doesn’t have to run, he’s got four balls.”

" . . . Walk with pr-r-r-ide, mon, walk with pride!"


Hmm, if it has been there for as long as he can remember without having grown in size then I doubt that it is a tumor, but testicular cancer IS quite common in young men. Sometimes a lump is the only symptom. So, it probably would be a good idea to address this with a doctor.

I offer this story with no cites, but one of my college voice professors, in a discussion of the age of the castrati (male singers castrated to keep their high youthful voices), told us that one of the most famous castrati singers went on to father children, because he had three testicles and in the castration process they only got two.

So it’s not unheard of, that’s for sure.

Did you listen to the PHC Annual Joke show this weekend?

Any chance his last name is de Medici?

There’s another common abnormality called a spermatocele, which is essentially a cyst in the sperm duct. I’ve had one since puberty, and it’s now about the size of an unshelled almond or a runt testicle. It hasn’t grown much in the 30 years since it first appeared.

Definitely have him get it checked out by the doc, but odds are it’s nothing serious.

There was a guy who went to my high school who thought he had three balls. We had all seen him in the shower, and boy howdy, was it convincing. We called him E.T. – but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that the third one turned out to be a large fatty benign cyst. He had it removed with no ill effects except a minor decrease in fame.

If nothing else, taking your boyfriend to get snipped will certainly strengthen your relationship.

“And now, a man with three buttocks”


<In and Out>It’s disGUSTing!</IaO>

My skepticism meter is pegged by this. For one thing, if he still had a testicle, presumably he would not have kept his youthful voice and could not have become a famous castrati singer.

Get it checked out. But there is no downside to three that I am aware of. Mine are small, medium and large.

Nope. Never even heard of the PHC Annual joke show. It’s an old old chestnut that has probably been around as long as they settled on four balls for a walk.


Were you born in Wiltshire(UK)?

There once was a man from Devizes
Whose bollocks were three diff’rent sizes
One was so small, it was nothing at all
But another was large, and won prizes.