Three themes for the posters

I’ve been following the “one theme” thread, but

  1. it’s become clear that tastes vary, and since the software supports a variety of themes, we should take advantage of that
  2. there may now be enough consensus to hammer out a couple of themes that would collectively satisfy a large fraction of the users.

I’m not wedded to “three”, but as I tried to cluster the requests I’ve been reading that’s where I started. So I’m going to suggest three themes and some features they should have, and I encourage others to chime in, tune those suggestions, and suggest other clusters of features that would make a useful theme for the board.

Here’s my start:

(also, just an aside – this is they type of thread that benefits from allowing edits. If this board allowed edits indefinitely, as other boards I use do, I would next start four posts, one for each of my three suggested themes and one for “other”, and I would continually update them as suggestions are made and consensus is reached, and there’d be a nice summary of what people want handy and easy to find, at the top of the thread.)

Initial theme suggestions:

Two features that I think everyone would like in all these themes are mouseovers - preferably mouseovers that work even if you are using a modern laptop with a touch-screen, and the pretty version of the “Straight Dope” banner.

Text-based: Many long-time dopers like a text-centric environment. This theme would not show avatars, it would by default hide in-line images (ideally with a way to unhide them) and it would show the first and last poster’s name, rather than showing a little string of avatars. It would also show explicit time/date of posts, rather than elapsed time since a post. The “suggested threads” at the bottom of the page might also be suppressed in this theme.

Wide-Screen: A surprising number of posters seem to like running this board in a window that extends all the way across a wide screen, and want that wide screen to be full of text. There may be enough demand for this that it would be worth doing two versions of it, one with a light background and one with a dark background.

Discourse-style: This would be a theme similar to the discourse-standard themes we already have, but modified to be more conducive to using the board like the old board. So, buttons at the top of the page that take you back to “home” and to the category (old forums) would be larger and more prominent – especially the category one. It would actually show the pretty “Straight Dope” banner instead of the little “SD”. If you hovered over the category button at the top of the page it might show you the start of the text describing the purpose of that category, and it’s rules.

If you like any of these as a starting point, and have other requests to go with it, please post them. If there’s some other cluster of feature that you think worth making a theme of, please suggest that, too. I get the impression it’s not super-hard to develop a new theme, so I’m hopeful we might be able to actually get these made available.

I like all those suggestions, though this is my first time, I think, using a discourse board, so discourse-style doesn’t mean that much to me.

One thing I dislike about the way things are currently set up is that theme doesn’t mean ‘skin’, it’s not just changing the color scheme, it changes how things work. I never quite understood that. Why is it that if I switch from the blindingly white theme to the dark theme, I lose some features?
It also seemed to me that ‘themes’ should change the color, and how I actually interact with the board or what information is presented to me would be settings I could make on my own.

IOW, I want the colors from one theme and the settings from a different one.

I hear you. I’m actually using one theme and not another that might have slightly nicer features because I hated the colors of the better-feature theme. :slight_smile:

Three Themes for Doper Memes!

This thread isn’t going to work…most of the things @puzzlegal listed are not controllable through themes.

I don’t know if “wide screen” can be done in a theme, but I’m pretty sure the other stuff can be. A lot of the “text” stuff is already in the “simple” theme, the pretty straight dope logo is in the “straight dope” themes.

I don’t personally have any idea what the limits of themes are, but when I’ve asked that question, people have said it’s quite broad.

The one that probably can’t be done is fixing the stupid “you can’t have mouseover if your laptop has a touch screen” bug, because that seems to be an actual bug in Discourse created by assumptions made back when the world was split between tablets with touch screens and laptops without.

I could go for the cleaner looking text based theme. I’d love it if spoilered text was actually hidden instead of blurred. The blurring makes my eyes hurt from trying to get it focused until I click it. And the alphabet-avatar control/notification/inbox menu needs to be switched from notifications to the control menu by default. Those are the things that really bug me the most. The rest I can learn to live with

There is an option for that under the gear in the dialogue box.

Click here for spoiler

This is where the spoiler can go.

yeah, I don’t have that option for some reason

I meant spoilers in posts that I’m reading, not one that I’m posting.

Maybe boxed spoilers are for desk top only? Or is that another theme dependant function?