Throne Room For Sale!

Near where I live, there’s a church that suddenly sprang up overnight. I mean, one day, I’m driving by and there’s a vacant lot, the next, there’s a huge church! Not just any church, either, this one is some kind of odd-ball Christian church with signs out front proclaiming things like the impeding apocalypse is being caused by three toed, left-handed lesbians from Mexico, or some other such nonsense. Appropriately enough, the church was called “The Throne Room,” which is what we referred to the bathroom as when I was a kid. I was driving by there today and noticed that it’s [=2309&region=Middle+Tennessee&mlsnum=464809&tid=Nashville&page=1"]for sale]([0)! Anybody need a giant crapper? :wink:

(Please note that no offense is meant to our many Christian Dopers by this comment. These guys were loonies, and I’m surprised that the church lasted as long as it did.)