Tickle in my nose-need help fast!

IT’S MAKING ME CRAZY!! (well, crazier than usual :D)

I have this incredibly annoying little tickle high up inside the left side of my nose. At first I thought it was something crawling around in there, but it stays in the same place. It’s worse when I breathe in and out through my nose, but also tickles when I hold my breath. It makes me sneeze repeatedly, and there is a clear drainage.

I have used 4 pots of water with my Neti pot, alternating nostrils. Do I need to keep flushing it? only pouring into one nostril? Right side, Left side? Anybody got a small fiberoptic scope that I can borrow to look up in there? Other suggestions?

God I hate that! With me it’s always a hair that curled in the wrong way. I’ll go half insane trying to grab that bastard and yank it out. The only thing I can think of is to ditch the neti pot and try the NeilMed bottle instead. I took one of those suckers out in the yard once to see how far they will squirt. Squeeze it hard enough and the damn thing will shoot 25 feet. You can safely stick it in your nose and squeeze as hard as you possibly can. Trust me on this—I do it all the time. It will not blast saline into your brain or anything. Squeeze it hard enough and you can blast 8 full ounces of water through your schnoz in about 2 seconds. I bet it will work.

I have heard of hairs growing the wrong way (from the inside out). That could be it, but you wouldn’t know until the hair is long enough to push through the skin of your nose. I can’t think of anything else it might be that a neti-pot wouldn’t have flushed out by now.

I find personally that pain is way more tolerable than an unscratchable itch. This is something I would recommend going to an emergency room for if you can’t get any relief (you probably won’t be able to sleep with this, and I hope you know better than to stick tweezers that far up your nose). They should be able to take a look and pluck out the offending body. Considering that you’ve neti-potted so many times, I can’t think there would be anything like dry skin or dried blood or dry skin left in that cavity.

Tried to post last night, SD down for maintenance. Better today, minimal itching. Rinsed my nose a few more times last night. Thanks for you advice.

I had it happen to me and it turned out to be a really recalcitrant flake of hardened snot that was hanging on to a hair with all its little mucuousy tenacity and flapping in the breeze in a manner of speaking. took about 10 neti pots of saline to scare it out.

Right—that happens to me too. Another example of how the NeilMed or a similar device is more effective than the neti pot. Try taking the bottle and filling it with solution as hot as you can stand it. Then run it through your nose as slowly as you possibly can to maximize the contact time. Then wait a minute or two for things to soften up and then repeat, but use the power blast method on the second run-through.