TIF file pages missing?


A customer is sending me a PO as an TIF attachment. I am using Outlook Express 6 on a XP PC. When I open the file using the default viewer NERO Photosnap Viewer only page 1 of 3 is shown. When I try to open with Adobe (after I saved the attachment to a folder), it says it can’t open because it not a supported file type , file has been damaged, or it was sent as an email attachment and was not correctly decoded. Opening it in Paint also shows only page 1 of 3. This has happen several times from sending different sources so I think the problem is at my end. Is there some email setting that I need to change to download the whole attachment? Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help.
Bob Z

The TIF file probably does not contain multiple pages. Have the sender send you page 2 and 3 as separate files. The sender should use JPEG format to reduce the amount of data transferred.