Tiger Woods and Hilton Head

The PGA Tournament, formerly the “MCI Heritage Classic”, then the "MCI Classic – the Heritage of Golf”, now called the “WorldCom Classic – the Heritage of Golf” (I have and always will call it the “Heritage Classic”, as it was called before corporations butted their names into sporting events, ruining the tone for me, but that is another thread) is being held at Sea Pines’ Harbor Town Links on Hilton Head Island, SC this weekend. Without Tiger Woods. To my knowledge, he has never played a pro tournament at Hilton Head, but I certainly may be wrong. Golf seems to be a sport in which racial issues are not aired.

Question: Has Tiger Woods played the Heritage Classic?

If not, is there a reasonable golf-related reason (too close to Masters, folks don’t do two tournaments back-to-back, etc…) that would or does expalin it?

I have wondered if this were related to the NAACP issues with the Second Confederate Naval Jack first flying over the statehouse, then displayed on the statehouse grounds. This is NOT a flag thread or a NAACP thread, but a Tiger-Heritage thread.

So I can’t mention the inappropriateness of a Confederate flag flying over the island that was the headquarters of the Union’s blockade force? But I don’t CARE about golf! :wink:

Yes, Tiger did play the Heritage Classic once, in 1999. According to this Golf Today article, the course doesn’t suit Tiger’s game. He ended up tied for 18th.

Tiger typically doesn’t like to play any PGA tournaments between the Masters (in mid-April) and the Byron Nelson (in mid-May). His next scheduled tournament is May 17 in Germany.

Can’t say for certain, but it looks like Tiger’s absence from the Heritage is about scheduling and course dynamics, rather than the flag issue.

That’s the answer I was looking for! I tried googling and came up with nada. Yup, the course is a bear. And dropzone, I WAS referring to the current flag conflict in Columbia, but you knew that.

Of course I did! After all, I’m one of the few Yankees still fighting the thousands of Rebels who are still fighting the Civil War. I have to stay on top of these things. :wink:

Yep, Tiger showed up once and oh did people get excited. Seemed like everyone had a story about partying with him.

And UncleBill, you’re right - it will always be Heritage Week to the local folks.