Tiger woods in very serious car crash

tiger woods was the only person in a single car roll over crash in california. they had to use the jaws to get him out of the vehicle, and he was rushed to the hospital. this happened about an hour ago.

As reported by TMZ, who are very reliable with this sort of news.

sorry, the accident happened around 7ish ca time, just being reported now.

Praying for Tiger.

Doesn’t say he’s in any danger but he is in surgery, so hopefully that goes well for him.

Of course “single car accident” does rather lend itself to speculation. He has form with being something of a wayward driver…do you see what I did there?

i’m hearing from msnbc that there were leg injuries.

As per ESPN:

Now we need to find out if it was another DUI event.

Damn, and he was just talking yesterday about how he might not play in the Masters because of rehab on his back. You got to wonder if he is on pain meds and it affected his driving. Hope he comes out of this OK.

I’m sure we will find out eventually, but I disagree about the “need.”

The news is acting like he’s lost his life but he’s only broken his leg. That’s certainly a bad thing for a pro golfer but he’s alive and rich, there’s no need for the somber tone.

From that photo, it looks like something that would likely have been fatal before modern high tech safety features like crumple zones. As it was, it kind of looks like his upper body at least was well protected in an intact shell with airbags all around him.

I think the somber tone is because its looking likely that he will lose his career. He was making a comeback and this might just finish it off. People were hopeful he would come out of his slump, now they are concerned.

they are saying moderate to critical injuries. so that leaves a wide area to speculate.

Sure, it’s a huge setback, but he could have been dead and he’s not! And the coverage is way overblown, there isn’t jet engine debris spread over 1 square mile. If he’s as loved and admired as all the talking heads are saying right now then those people should be happy he’s alive.

Oh I hear you. I don’t follow or care about sports figures at all. IMHO, they make way too much money for playing games (and I know they work hard at it). And what happens to them doesn’t affect my life. So yeah, glad he’s not dead.

Still, many people need their hero’s, especially during these times. If I were still going to bars this is what people would be talking about all night. I’d listen and give them a sympathetic ear for a bit. Then change the subject or move over to other people.

I understand that. It is more important than usual right now. I think the people in the bars will be a little more circumspect than the news is now. Even Bob Costas actually did just say that there is too much speculation going on and we don’t how bad or not this might be.

ETA: I wish I was going to bars. I need to get out.

And I didn’t realize we are in the Game Room. I never come here.

Best not to be non-caring about the situation here were people do really, really care about him. I miss the bars a lot and hope that Tiger has a speedy and full recovery. Just as I would wish anyone.

If that’s the case, he really has no more excuse than if it were a DUI from alcohol or recreational drugs. It’s not as though he can’t afford a driver.

I mean, heck, there was probably a driver in the back of the SUV at the time of the crash!