Tiger Woods tackles biggest hole yet

Well, add one more impressive display to this guy’s list.

Here’s the video. Some fan-atic tries to steal his clubs. Without any hesitation whatsoever Tiger runs him down and performs a perfect tackle, riding over the guy and avoiding injury. Beautiful.

That would have been something if it’d been Urlacher. For Tiger? Err… I’m a tad impressed.

And he managed to save the clubs, too. Although I would have been more impressed if Tiger had just teed up a ball and driven it into the back of the guys skull at 100 yeards. :smiley:

Entertainment Tonight had a spot about this, it is for a Buick advert. Tiger should stop acting like he’s an athlete or somthing :smiley:

I don’t have sound at work. Are you saying it was staged?

The only way it could have been more staged would be to have a stuntman do the tackle.

I saw this a couple of days ago on PTI, they were chiding Tiger for not letting the stuntman do it, and risk hurting himself filming a commercial.

Yes, it’s from a commercial.

Aw jeez. Dedgummit. That’s what I found impressive, that he had a lot to lose and did it anyway… or so I thought.

No, I wouldn’t really rather have a Buick. At least not right now.

To the right of the video window, there is a link to a clip of Tiger talking about the commercial, saying he took the guy down a bit harder than he was supposed to. They show the end of the clip, too, everyone is all smiles, and the guy who took the clubs had a scratch on his head.

Wish it was real, but no.

But the CNN story doesn’t indicate it’s a commercial, does it?

It was a commercial. Here’s Tiger talking about it.