tights or tight pants?

Medea’s Child and I are having an argument about whether football players wear tights when they play football, or tight pants. I say tight pants. She says tights.

Falcon says tight pants, as does purplebear. So the count is 3-1 in favor of tight pants.

What say ye, teeming millions?

I worked on the set of a football movie about a year and a half ago. We had lots of football uniforms and gear. They are tight pants, definately.

I also found out why football players pat each other on the ass. :smiley:

Okay, being a volleyball player on a team that tends to chill with the football players in conditioning weeks, the answer is tight pants. And don’t ask how bad those guys smell after practice. It’s enough to make a dead moose faint. [the last statement isn’t supposed to make sense.]

Tight pants. The giveaway is that they don’t cover the feet.

Also, most football players will get really angry if you tell them they wear tights. Considering the size of the average NFL player, I will courageously stand by my original answer.

My mother, who knows this much about football ||, agrees with me on this one.

Perhaps you will have to admit you’re wrong . . . can we get anyone who played in college to step up, or is 7-1 in favor of tight pants just not good enough for you?:slight_smile:

Yup, tight pants. Those who call the pants tights don’t know anything about football.

That they are “Just f’in pants!”
He played high school football and informed me that they are just ‘pants’ or sometimes ‘pocket pants’ because of the pockets to put the pads in.

FTR, I always thought them to be ‘tights’ as well.

The idea of football players and ballerinas wearing the same thing… That would go over real well.

They are tight pants.

Hey! No lover’s quarrels on the board! :smiley:

Geez, Medea, why didn’t you ask me before you got into it with him. I’d have told you they weren’t tights. :frowning:

Iampunha! Shame on you for showing her up!