Tiki deserves 20 spanking from all

Yes come one come all for today is the day of Tiki’s birth. He officially turns 20 and is not longer a teenager! I thought what better than a birthday salute of 20 spankings from each and everyone of our fellow SD memembers. So come and join us … put on the birthday hats that have been layed out in front of you (yes Tiki you must wear yours too :slight_smile: )… use your noise makers to your own will … sing happy birthday … share with us a virtual cake and virtual ice cream :slight_smile: (dont worry there is enough to go around) Oh and dont forget to give him his 20 spankings before you all leave. Have fun and enjoy and Wish **TIKI A HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY !!! ** Love you tiki and I hope you have the most wonderful birthday!

Hmmm… I guess I’m just early or something. Almost an hour and no replies? Eessshhh I guess everyone on the SDMB has forgot about me. No one cares anymore… I guess I’ll be all alone, in my corner, with no one to talk to.

Okay come on already people would it be better if I broke out my illegal stash of alcoholic products and shared?!?

I am sorry tiki guess its just you and me right now…maybe the party will pick up if I volunter to be the stripper that jumps out of the cake…what do you think ;).

Try it and you are so gonna get it when we both get off of work tonight :mad:. Besides I get to see you nekkid all the time hows about someone else jumpin’ nekkid out of a cake for me?

Happy birthday, Tiki!!

only one more year and you can drink like an adult.

Then again, only one more year and you can be tried as an adult.

Have a good one!!

I could lose a few feathers but I’m shy.
Question is, are YOU wearing your birthday suit…?
[18 is legal in my state of mind].

And happy birthday, sweetie.

I’d love to be wearing my birthday suit but I think I’d lose my job if I decided to prance around naked and help people. Although it’d almost be worth it to see the look on peoples faces. And yes 18 is legal in my mind also.

Gees I never get to have any fun ;). Oh well I guess since its your birthday you can have someone else jump out of the cake … but you know my rule no touching :slight_smile:

He better not be wearing his birthday suit if he knows what is best for him ;)…unless i am the only one around of course.

Humm where is the dopers birthday spirit…I guess maybe you are all busy humm oh well … I tried to make your birthday a little better tiki

I have a cat named Tiki so I especially like your name. A big fat sloppy birthday kiss to you (but don’t tell the other half). The legal drinking age in Canada is 19 so come on up and we’ll toast your double digits. I’ve been in double digits for uh, well, double digits and then some. Happy birthday Tiki.

Happy Birthday, Tiki!

Ready for that spanking?

Sorry dude but i don’t want to spank you, just my own personal prefferances. Although I do have a bottle of jager I thought we could all start taking shots. And hay the legal age here is 21 to drink but no one cares (as long as you don’t drive).

Anyway happy birthday. Throw a big party, get arrested or something to remember the day, because in the morning you probably won’t be able to remember today anyway. Or thats they way my birthdays have always gone.

Happy Birthday Tiki!

My clothes are staying on but I will save you a dance. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Tiki.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say. Sorry I can’t stick around for the spanking …

Happy Birthday, Tiki!

Have a wonderful day, and a glorious year!


Happy Birthday, Tiki!

Hope it was fun!

Best belated wishes (hey, is it my fault I get online late?) to The Mighty Tiki God (someone has to type out his full name). Hope you go out (or went out) and had the great time you deserved.

[sub]Oh, to be young again.[/sub]

I’m gonna fly out there and smack you, sonny…

In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room
He’ll be getting his spanks and lotsa thanks
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room

What in the hell is goin’ on? I thought this thread died a horrible fiery death yesterday.