Tila Tequila

Where did this chick come from? I’m not even sure what she is famous for. I believe she may be the first person to gain celebrity status using Twitter. It seems I’m always seeing something about something she has tweeted, but never anything she actually does. I know she had a TV show on Mtv for a while so I guess that helped but how did she even get that show? Wasn’t she on the news last year claiming she was manhandled by a football player or something?

Now the Johnson & Johnson chick died and I see TT pictures everywhere. How is she attached to everything trashy in the US?

I don’t understand how she became/stays “popular”. She’s not even good looking.

Help me out here.

(Also, was the J&J chick always as unattractive as the latest pictures lead me to beleive?)

She was famous for having a bajillion friends on MySpace so they gave her an MTV show or something.

Her face looks like an anime character.

OMG, Casey Johnson died? I was just reading about her and that drama with her and that other girl I had never heard of. I had no idea she died. I can’t say I’m surprised…

Tina Tequila has a pretty good body and nice boobies, and she takes scantily clad pictures that made the Myspace boys go ‘ooohhh’. So they gave her the show, and she started dating C-list celebrities. The end.

Tila Tequila got famous for having the most friends on Myspace. No, I am serious, she became famous through Myspace. Granted, she’s like a C level celebrity. Such is the power of Myspace.

She had a dating show on MTV whose hook was that she said she was bisexual and the contestants were a mix of men and women. At the time there was a lot of suspicion that she was 100% straight and only claimed to be bi in the “kissing girls gets me attention” sense.

I’m sure she’ll have a vibrant career as she ages.

Everything I know, or ever wish to know, about this person I have learned via Robot Chicken. And I feel that my life is better for it.

A hot Asian spinner who’d probably be into threesomes. Nuff’ said.

She also used to be a nudie model under the name Tila Nguyen.
I liked her then, and didn’t discover that Tila Tequila is the same person until fairly recently.

She’s technically billed as a singer. This means she has a music profile, which, back then, at least, meant she could SPAM as many people as she wanted. And even people who won’t add everyone who adds them will add a new “singer.” Of course, it helps that she was always scantily clad.

I saw her before she was really famous on some geeky talk show. She talked about how she did it to make up for not being popular in high school. She said she basically followed the rules for popularity there, and it worked.

I actually thought it was kinda interesting until she got her own show. I didn’t even make the connection it was her.

she got a 17 carat rock as an engagement ring from the Johnson & Johnson heiress. Maybe she can milk that with a kiss and tell biography.

I guess so, but I’d never heard of the Johnson & Johnson heiress before she died (not that I keep up with on people being famous for being famous). Who’d really want hear/read about it?

I was coming in here to post this exact same thing.

She got into a kerfuffle with an NFL linebacker last year:

Shawne Merriman arrested on suspicion of choking and restraining MTV reality show star Tila Tequila.

Shawne Merriman files lawsuit against ex-girlfriend

I only know her from a blog I visit, but I think she’s dated pretty much everyone, including Billy Corgan. Now he’s dating Jessica Simpson. Weird.

Heard something on the morning news about it being fake; wasn’t really paying attention though. Why Tila Tequila and her ilk qualify as news is another discussion.

On January 7th, 5 days after the passing of her “fiance”, Tila was posing for photographers in front of her home. What a insincere media whore!

I’m quite sure that media whoring is the only thing she believes in with all her heart.

Are these pictures online? My curiosity makes me want to see them.

She went to the same middle school as me in Alief, TX, and her name was Twee (don’t know how she spelled it) Nguyen and was gorgeous and nice and certainly not unpopular. All the “asian mafia” or whatever they called themselves dudes with fast cars hung out with her. That’s all I got.

I know its a different person, but in the same vein: who is Kim Kardashian and how did she get famous? I thought that her only claim to fame was a sex-tape and then some kind of reality show: “who wants to screw a millionaire?” style.