Time for another Youtube thread

LED art … with sheep!

Proof that nerdulence is alive and well even in farm country.

Two days and no takers?

Well, I have tons of things I would want to post here. I narrowed it down to this strange and incredibly moving interpretation of the early tone poem by Richard Strauss, Death and Transfiguration. If you haven’t seen this before and like Strauss, brace yourself for one of the weirdest and yet most moving things ever.

See, this guy does this pantomime/dance/performance art thingie to the music and it’s pretty weird but extremely well done and shows an earnest and profound grasp of the score. It’s weird. Is there a word for what this guy is doing? At first I found it almost unbearably odd but after I stuck it out and just forgot about how weird it was, it TOTALLY worked for me. Now I watch it start to finish entranced and think “Can I hire this guy to do this to…Petrouchka? some Shostakovich?”

Link us.

damn. Forgot the link. Argh.

The Strauss thing I spoke of up there:


Time lapse of Van Ness Avenue from my hotel room on the 21st floor.

And you thought the Dope got pedantic.

Holy Jesus! That’s amazing.

Here are some of my favorites:

Disco Jesus
Bush and Blair at the gay bar is old but still good
Star Trek meets Nine Inch Nails

Time for a bump - A Scottish trials rider has just posted up a mind-blowing clip of a recent session from Edinburgh here.

Truly inspirational. Even if you’ve no interest in biking, the sight of someone with such manifest skill and ability at their craft is an awesome sight. Great soundtrack too.