Time for fall cleaning everyone!! Doper Swap Meet time.

Ive got to make room in one half of the two car garrage (can anyone really fit two cars in there AND open the car doors to get in and out?) to park the car inside during the upcoming winter months. Actually its been pretty bitter out lately, Im thinking winter has sort of pushed fall out of the way and stepped up to the plate a little early. Anyway, Ive got some S**t in here that I need to get rid of. Im *SURE* there are some of you out there that can use at least one of the following; (one persons junk is anothers treasure)

1.) One slightly rusty, yet probably still functional AMC- 360 cubic inch engine block. Complete with most parts. Weight = lots of pounds.

2.) ** Several boxes of misc. books** (and when I say several I mean at least 12) such as Readers Digest Condensed Editions, Electronics 101, Refridgerator Repair, College Algebra, Geology for the Beginner, Around the World in Pictures, Chilton`s Manuals for various extinct autos, etc, ad-nauseum.

3.)** Two large inflatible child-size swimming pools** that the wife will not let me throw away because they were used at least one time each by the kids and now hold some sort of sentimental value and are eternally exempt from any and all landfills.
-You can only take one item from any previous poster, and you must take one item.
-Please specify the poster you are taking the ONE item from.
-You have to leave two things behind that you think others may be interested in.
-No fictitious items such as Death Rays or Death Stars or Death anything for that matter. Limit items to what you actually have at your disposal in-other-words.
-Any and all posted items are up for grabs as long as you leave two of your own behind.

(any suggestions will be considered)

Ok whuck I will take the engine block. Sweety and I can use it for a boat anchor.

Now let’s look in my garage (I need to clean it out in preparation for moving this winter. HOWEVER I am still able to get two Honda cars in it. :wink: ):

1. Automatic dog waterer thingy. This was in my backyard when I moved in 4 yrs ago. I dug it up 'cause it was in the way. Somehow I can’t throw it away 'cause it seems useful.

2. Bicycle parts. Again, these seem like someone could use them. I got it all ! Wheels … chains … sprockets [schprokets!]. It seems like I have a portal to the Planet of Bicycle Parts which leaks … . stuff.

3. Spools. Well, big spools. Those reels that big cable comes on. I’ve got … uh … 4 or 5 … they seem like they’d make good tables until you set your drink down on a bolt.


Two large boxes of toddler toys

4 boxes of boys and girls clothing, sizes 12 months to 3T

I wouldn’t mind a spool or two.

I’ve got an old gas stove. Probably from the 60’s. It worked until I disconnected it 2 years ago. My grandmother used to cook the Thanksgiving turkey in it every year. We just don’t need it.

A range hood for a different stove than the one above. I guess you can use them together, though.

I’ll take a box or two of books, but then someone will have to take an old dryer in need of a thermostat and my aunt’s recruiter of the year trophy.

well, I guess I’ll take the dog watering thingy.

I’ve got a big old wood burning furnace in the basement (if you can get it out of there it’s yours)

The chimney stack thingy for it is above the garage, take that too.

Anybody want a home-made bicycle built for two?

I have always wanted a wood burning stove, so Ill take that. Ive got a couple more things that I don`t need.
Extra large reclining chair - rated for up to 400 lbs of human dead weight.
Taller than normal Art-Deco table lamp - that used to look cool but has become rather ugly in the last few years, sorry.

Taller than normal Art-Deco table lamp – esp. if it’s in the shape of a woman, but I’m sure I can work it into my eclectic decor, regardless.

I can offer: Pair of old speakers, they buzz a little, but they were so effin’ expensive, back in the day…

Red formica kitchen table plus two chairs covered in green vinyl. The rust is inconsequential, honest.

Casey, what is the manufacturer name on the gas stove?

There are refurbishers all over looking for those, and they pay good money for them. (If it’s a Chambers, I want it.)

Oh, and…

4 still-in-boxes floodlights.

Several chandelieres and matching wall sconces, and an extra box of the crystal drops from them.

A box of trophies, ribbons and other awards for bromeliads.

Parts. For everything. And tools, to put the parts together, and into things that need parts.

The first three books of The Hitchhiker’s Guide…in German.

(For cash consideration, we have a suit of armor and some lovely Italianite furniture, including vitrine, marble topped coffee table and two hand painted end tables, all WAAAYYYY to ornate for me.)

Dee Dee, who really wants to get shed of about 4 garages worth of stuff…

thatDDperson, the stove is a Roper.

I’ll take the suit of armor, it’s probably worth a lot so I’ll leave a 1985 Yamaha and two 5 speed bicycles from the mid 80’s.

Hmmm, the company that refinishes and sells only Ropers is in California. There are others…

If there’s no serious problems with it, a refurbisher would give you about $200 bucks for it, and come to get it. They sell some of the Ropers for $900-1,300 when fixed up.

I gotta find that link…


See how it compares…

Thanks for the tip. I’d be happy if they just came and took it, but they won’t hear that from me…

I’ll take the toys and the boys clothes. Alas, we just had a garage sale and got rid of all our extra junk. Let me go home and rummage. See what turns up.


I’ll take the floodlights and leave:

A pair of Kenwood home stereo speakers. They work fine, they’re just cheap…and too tall.

A pump from a beer tap, and 2 Hoff-Stevens keg couplers

Beer tap pump, beer tap pump!!!

Alrighty, um

  • Speaker box for a VW Scorocco(?) (stop laughing, it was a former roomate’s)

  • Speakers, mostly small, in good working order.

  • Fishtank (I bet everybody’s got one of those)

  • Two motorcycle helmets, not the full face kind. One has been wrecked.

Anyone have a Beer Miser set up they don’t need? Along with the stove in the basement I don’t need, I have a fridge just begging to be turned into a beer miser. I’ll pay for shipping…

I mean that literally, as in, it’s just the pump, not the spigot or coupler. I suppose if you have a broken tapper, this would be handy…

I’ve got approximately 80 Doctor Who books in two boxes. Most are paperbacks but there’s a couple of coffee table style ones as well.

Also, small Ikea table that would be good for BBQ’s. It features a deep well-like area that would be good for cans of beer and ice. The lid can be used as a tray.

I’ll take Whuckfistle’s extra large reclining chair. Anything to furnish my soon-to-be new digs.