Time for my semi-annual clock-changing rant

I hate changing the clocks. Hate hate hate hate it. I lived very happily for the first 23 years of my life without futzing around with the damned clocks, and never felt like “Gee, I sure wish the clocks were set an hour faster” or slower. It’s stupid, pointless, and in some ways, dangerous, and it’s time that North America woke up and realized that we don’t need to mess with the time twice a year and just left the goldarned clocks alone.

Thank you.

See you all in six months.

I’m just happy the clocks on my microwave and my car are finally right. (I never got around to changing the former and can’t find the instructions for the latter).
Now I just need a nap.

You know, I totally agree. I’ve wondered for years why they don’t just do away with the whole thing. I realize that at one time this served a purpose, but, hey, let’s get modern!

Y’all are going to find this really weird, and possibly TMI, but every single time we have time change like this - I mean, we’re talking ONE MEASLY HOUR - it throws my menstrual cycle all to hell. When I say my system runs like clockwork, I’m not kidding.

I said the same thing to my hubby who told me that it was originally conceived of to assist the farmers who could do with another hour of daylight during the winter months. Well, why not just have it all the time, I asked. Well, apparently, other people thought the same thing and supposedly, they tried this somewhere about twenty years ago, but then people complained that it was too dark in the A.M. when kids had to go to school so it was reinstated. Arizona doesn’t do it at ll, sez he.

My computer’s clock and my cable box clock change themselves. The rest of my clocks stay at the same setting year round. Which means they’ve all become accurate today.

Fortunately, most of the time-displaying devices in my house are new enough to have automatic DST settings, so I no longer have to run around resetting them. Last night I reset my wristwatch and the clock-radio next to the bed, so I’d know the right time when I got up. This morning I reset the oven clock and my answering machine.

Unfortunately, resetting my answering machine is a pain in the ass. The instructions, embossed on the bottom in such a way as to be almost illegible, read “Press and hold [clock] until ‘C’ appears in message window. Use [memo/repeat] and [annc/skip] to change day, hour and minutes. Press [clock] after each is set.” The press/hold/release procedure has to be done with precise-to-the-microsecond control or you end up missing what you’re trying to reset or listening to your outgoing message. If I ever replace it I’ll pay more attention to what Consumer Reports has to say about ease of operation.

I found the official site to be interesting. Apparently it’s been around since World War I.

I find daylight savings to be a horrible abomination, and the second thing I will due when I rise from the depths when The Stars Are Right, will be to end daylight-savings time.

A Japanese exchange student I know told me this morning that she mentioned the time change to her sister when she talked to her on the phone last night. Her sister thought she was making up a “wacky Americans” story.

And has nothing to do with farmers, in fact most of them would like to do away with it, also.

It’s all about commerce - the more daylight, the more barbecues, the more beer sold, the more steaks sold. The more daylight, the longer visits to amusement parks. You get the picture. That’s why it will NEVER go away.

Lamia, Japan happens to be the one country in the G7 that does NOT go to DST. Some 70 countries or territories use it, either generally or regionally.

Pardon, but it’s no longer G7. It’s G8 since full Russian participation in 1998’s Birmingham Summit.

Doesn’t it get really confusing when some countries (and states) don’t observe DST? It seems like it would mess up airline schedules, meeting times and the like.

About 8 months ago I started listening regularly to two webcasts from the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Radio National. Six months ago, when DST ended here, I adjusted for the one hour change in our DST. However, it didn’t occur to me that they would change at all, let alone in the opposite direction, making for a two hour net difference. I was still an hour late for the first webcast.

Last week I was one hour early for an ABC webcast because we start DST one week after they end. I got the right time for the later webcast.

Now I’m listening to a regular webcast on BBC7 as well. I didn’t miss my show because I realized my mistake with the ABC webcast. So I adjusted my time for BBC7 one hour earlier. Just for last week! This week we re-synchronize. And the ABC webcasts come on an additional hour later.

The problems of a truly World Wide Web.

Hear, hear!

gad what a waste it is. When I’m king of the world, I’ll do away with this nonsense.

Y’know, I’ve toyed with the idea before, but now I’ve decided.

I’m gettin’ me some religion, and worshipping Cthulu.

[sub]Anyone wanna carpool to R’lyeh with me?[/sub]

Now lou, you know there’s a very simple solution to your problem. Just move one province east, and there’ll be no more clock-changing for you. :slight_smile:

This clock-changing is especially annoying if you have LOTS of clocks. I’m one of those people who has a tough time waking up on time. Ergo, I have 3 alarm clocks, plus the alarm I use on my cell phone. Then there’s the clock on my VCR, which I almost forgot to change and would have resulted in the timer taping the first half of some movie instead of tonight’s episode of Six Feet Under had I forgotten. Then there’s the clock on the microwave. Then the clock in my truck. Then the clock on my light-up Marlboro sign.

The clock on my computer somehow manages to change automatically, though how it knows which day to do it on is a mystery to me. I never know it’s time to change the clocks until usually sometime late Saturday night when I end up hearing somebody mention it by accident. How they find out, I have no idea. It can’t be on the same day every year because it’s always on Sunday morning. Since I don’t actually care to find out how this is determined, I will allow it to remain a mystery.

Where I lived in Indiana, we never changed clocks at all (other parts of Indiana do switch). The TV shows were on an hour earlier/later, but no one really cared. It was pretty dark when I went out to wait for the schoolbus.

What really sucked is that I went to Europe two days before their time change, then came back one day before our time change. My internal schedule is so messed up right now.