Time to call the broker!

After reading this press release, I’m gonna be buying some stocks. I would buy the product, guaranteed. For the new purpose, not for the second one listed.

These guys are going to be bazillionaires. They are already gods. I just want to know where the hell they were when I was in high school!

Oh, Mr. Cynical, not you too…you’ve been sucked in!

No, apparently he hasn’t. But he really, really wants to be.

These guys are like one town over from me! Awright, everybody meet at my house for a midnight raid on Spanish Fly, Inc. or whatever they’re called.

And I thought your charm, style and good looks were enough for the ladies MrC. Goes to show ya what I know! :wink:

Well, Demo, I wasn’t ALWAYS this handsome and debonaire!

It’s the subtle hints of gray around my temples. Apparently it drives the women wild. I think it’s a primitave throwback instinct for women to be drawn to the silverback in the group of gorillas.

Oh, are you the alpha male? I thought that was Alphagene…