Time to rrrrroll!

It’s that time again.

As I passed by Tim Hortons on my way home, I saw a stack of boxes outside their front door. Written on them in nice big letters was: Cups - Roll up the Rim! The signs aren’t up yet, so I don’t know if it only starts next week, but it can’t be far off.

It’s like Christmas has come back. And it brought coffee!

Good luck to my fellow rrrrrollers!

All riiight! rrrrrroll up the rim time! I don’t get to have Timmy Ho’s very often, hopefully this time i’ll remember and not just throw away the cup.

Oddly enough, my sis burst into another conversation yesterday to wonder when it would be RRRRRRoll up time. She’s been working on learning how to roll her “R’s” apparently.
She was then named “Ms. Tangent” claiming the title I had previously held.

…Could somebody please explain? I am so lost.

Tim Hortons, Canada’s revered official purveyor of coffee and donuts, has a contest every year called “Roll up the Rim to Win”. You drink your coffee in the little cardboard cup, and then roll up the rim of the cup when you’re done. Underneath this rim, your fate is written.

Will it be a free coffee? A muffin? A mere cookie? Will you win the car or the cash? Or will you have to try again? Not that trying again is a problem, since their coffee is so good you always want another anyway…

That’s awesome…

Thanks for the explanation.

Ah, so it’s like the McDonald’s “Monopoly” game piece giveaway here in the States, except less disgusting.

I don’t quite understand what it means to roll up the rim. Can someone help me visualize what this action entails?

Or I guess I could go to Tim Hortons and try it myself. They do have this contest at the U.S. locations, too, right?

The rim of the paper cup is, well, rolled to make a rounded lip. Gripping the cup, you push up with your thumbs against the bottom of the lip and the paper unrolls, revealing your awesome destiny.

Here’s an example of a “Roll up the Rim” Tim Hortons cup. You just roll the rim up to see what’s under it. Well, ok, so you have to fight with it and rip at it with your teeth most of the time, but that’s part of the fun. So if you come to Canada and see a bunch of us walking around gnawing on paper cups… now you’ll know why.

As soon as I get one of my own over here I’ll take a better pic for you! And with any luck it will say $$$$$ (or something equally good) under the rim.

Just what I need to further my addiction to Timmy’s coffee.

Maybe this year I’ll win more of the free crack they put in it to make it oh so good. :stuck_out_tongue:

They always have a gorgeous bike.

I always want the gorgeous bike.

When RRRRRRoll Up The Rim To Win comes around, I suddenly become a large fan of tea. :smiley:

There aren’t too many Tim Hortons here in the states, except in the Buffalo, NY region (close to the border), maybe Detroit (also on the border) and in Columbus, OH (Headquarters of Wendy’s, the owners of Tim Horton’s). I wonder if they even run this promotion at the U.S. locations. You could always drive up to Columbus and see!