Time to start criticizing Jill Biden's wardrobe

Ted goes to the same barber as Trey Gowdy since Trey is known for his dapper hairstyles. So dapper, GQ even did a spread on him:

Who knew a bucket of water was a styling tool?

While it may not have anything to do with his abilities to lead a nation, I was constantly befuddled by how someone could have that much wealth and power and still constantly look like he was wearing his dad’s borrowed suit. If you can gold plate a toilet, you can afford to see a tailor.

Except you’re the bestest arbiter of taste and sartorial elegance ever. The tailor? He’s just the guy who’s there to carry out your designs.

Just breaking out the old Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus albums.

Ah yes, the Mark Davis of the Republican Party.
Like - hot!!!

On behalf of all Goths past and present - this man is not associated with us.

Although, he is a Munster… maybe Rob Zombie?

Can we criticize Jill Biden for gigantism?

Also, Jimmy should be criticized for his giant clown feet.

Doesn’t anyone involved know how to correct for lens distortion?

Also, it was really weird to see them masked outdoors, then take their masks off while visiting two extremely old people. I’m guessing the Covid fatslity rate for a 100 year old person is close to 100%.

With the beard, Ted looks like his mentor: Satan.

Satan will get you for suggesting he looks like Ted Cruz.

I think the new rule is that vaccinated people should wear masks in public but can gather indoors in small groups with other vaccinated people. I would be flabbergasted any of the 4 people of the people in that picture (as well as the cameraman) hadn’t gotten their jabs.

Absolutely. I’m surprised there’s even any debate about it. Ted could show up in hell with that beard and start giving orders like he owns the place, and no questions asked. Well, there might be some comments that Satan looks a little more fearsome than usual.

“Fee Fie Foe Fum, I smell the blood of Republicans! Be they alive or be they dead, I force an audit of the Fed!”

Joe smashes a podium with a fist while Secret Service agents scramble out of the way

That picture is funny. I’m guessing it wasn’t taken by a professional photographer. Whoever shot it made it look like trick photography, like intentionally forced perspective. It’s a terrible picture. I’m surprised it was allowed to escape captivity.

I’m guessing that all four of them have been vaccinated. I’m sure of it, actually.


Marlena Sloss, a freelance photographer in San Francisco and contributor to The Post, said the image also appeared to have been captured with strong flash and a wide-angle lens.

Although President Biden is kneeling much farther in front of Rosalynn Carter, the flash reduces shadows, a key part of what allows objects to have depth. The resulting effect is that Biden and Rosalynn Carter appear to be side-by-side on the same plane, she said.

This illusion is magnified by the fact that the photographer probably used a very wide angle lens, which helps to capture everything in the frame from within a tight space.

My bold.

The Carters and the Bidens were not in the same plane. Two-dimensional photography can’t depict three-dimensional space without other visual clues.

Or else, Joe is REALLY eating his Wheaties! (Which I can easily believe.)

It’s essentially barrel distortion from a wide angle lens being used too close to the subjects. It also looks to me like there is substantial lighting, possibly a bounce flash but more likely a soft box or something.

This should have been easily correctable in Photoshop and should never have seen the light of day without correction. It makes the Carters look horrible, for one thing. I hope it wasn’t done intentionally to make Joe look more vigorous or something, because it’s hard to imagine this being an accident and no one catching it. It’s amateur hour stuff.

And yet that’s clearly what happened. Such a crappy photo couldn’t have been intentional. To what end.

Sadly, considering the number of grammatical errors I see in the NYTimes and Washington Post these days that no one catches, it’s not hard for me to imagine someone failing to catch this photo thing.

GiantPhotoGate, surely this is an impeachable offense.
I’m sure the junior Senator from parts North will introduce them shortly.

Eggs-zackly! The President of the United States deliberately misrepresenting his height and physical stature. And his fake-doctor wife does it, too. Shameful.

No one is saying this is a huge deal. More like, “How did such an obvious flaw make it through any sort of review process before being given to the media?”

Also, don’t presidents travel with a professional photographer for events like this? The shot looks professionally lit.

Sometimes professional photographers make mistakes. I have no idea if I can find it again but I recall seeing a studio photo of a major league baseball player which made the subject look like an action figure.