Time-travelling stock investor: a hoax?

Is this article a total hoax?

Is the whole thing made up, or does the guy actually exist (but is a nutcase), or is it something like a teaser for a new film?

…hoping it’s true, but doubting it :wink:

I’m guessing if this were true, the stock market would’ve collapsed by now from all the time travellers making billions.

Of course, when they took that billion to 2256, it’d only be worth $1.75. Inflation and all :smiley:

Count on the Weekly World News for in-depth reporting the others news sources can’t provide (since other sources must, in theory anyway, stick to reality).

Considering that it is sourced from the Weekly World News, I suspect that it is…um…creative journalism…

If it’s true then he should’ve known that he’d be caught (looked at oooold news stories) and should’ve been more careful. But then again, as someone else pointed out, it’s from the Weekly World News, an agency that’s known for purposely ridiculous fictitious news stories.

Snopes concurs.

Or afterwards ?

Does Riker’s hold federal detainees?

write a positive review of the movie “Boat Trip”?

Sure it does. Ever since the revolution of 2030. Where you been since then?

Oh, shit, I forg

Nope, he’s a hoax.

It is impossible for one to travel back in time. To be able to do so would cause utmost chaos in the Universe and constantly changing timelines. Mr. 2256 could help Hitler win WWII for example, by giving him a nuke.

One can travel faster than one second per second if they are going faster than light speed. However, this is also a theory.


I think the bit about starting with $800 and converting it to $350 million in * two weeks * would have tipped you off, given that this involved 126 “high-risk” trades based on advanced knowledge of trades.

This is a fast-paced world, but there’s only so much breaking news taking place in two weeks and there just isn’t all that much action taking place in the markets right now.

And if you had time travel, why pick now? Pick the late 80’s or late 90’s when the markets were going nuts and a fast acquisition would be lost in the noise.

Why not go back one day and win the lottery?

The best time would be during the dotcom craze.

More likely TimeCop which has the “bad guy” using the exact same scam. Ditto Back to the Future II before that. (Biff takes the book of sports statistics and goes back in time to wager on all the long shots and makes a fortune.)

Damn. Thanks guys. I should have thought to have checked Snopes.

What a shame. I really hoped it was true :wink:

>the SEC source admits, “No one can find any record of any >Andrew Carlssin existing anywhere before December 2002.”

Admits?? If I made up a fake name & ID in December 2002, you wouldn’t find a record for that name earlier, either!

Occam’s razor: There are known to be thousands of fraud attempts and con games per year. There has never been known to be a time traveler.

So the WWNews takes a good argument for fraud and puts the word “admits” in front of it, and makes it sound like an argument for time travel.

What a tabloid. The WWN does this stuff on purpose. WHAT a tabloid.

Some posters here don’t seem to understand what the question at hand is. Nobody is questioning whether time travel exists (or at least, was used). The OP (and Snopes) are questioning whether this guy claiming to be a time traveller even exists.

You know how if Cecil says it, it has a 99.99% chance of being true? The Weekly World News is his Bizzaroland opposite.

I have to second Agent LeManof Verona’s point. All the discussion of Time Travel, Riker’s, etc. is moot. This is from the Weekly World News. If you are familiar with the publication the OP is answered, if not check out the site;

and the OP is answered. What the world needs now is Super Models:)