timeline/ranting/random comments from this allnighter

Damn… I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for the last 8 hours or so.
I went downstairs at around 4 though to make some oven pizza. What do you call a full pizza as a meal at 4 am? Deckfest? Will contemplate it later. Came back here. At around 5 I realized my 2 liters of pepsi was empty… Damn… Everyplace is closed. Decided to live off the flat mountain dew I found under the computer desk. Still have half a bag of lays, so I should be good in the snack food department. Searching around, Sadly when I view the NYC earthcam every hour or so as I have since 9 last night I can see when it was crowded, then around 3 or so kinda died down… Now there’s some random people walking the sidewalks. At around 4 I thought I saw a prostitute. Wasn’t sure about that, though. I watched “Jay and Silent Bob” from about 4:30 for a while… That was a pretty funny movie… I’ve been watching that and the history channel, although on some channel there was a pretty good bio of Jim Carrey, I listened to that for a while. I don’t remember if that was before Jay and Silent Bob or not. I just fixed a typo, i first wrote “jay and silent boob”… Oh well. The cat was scratching at the door a while ago, so I had to get up and let it out… that was about half an hour ago. I’ll sleep tomorrow night, after SNL. And maybe a couple of the history channel specials… but Today i realized they rerun a lot of their shit in the early hours, so I got to watch the harly davidson special twice. I didn’t like that much but it was better than the bowflex infomercial… Do dopers in other states get the bowflex infomercial or is it just here? It got light out, quite recently. I feel the “allnighter” feeling… The kinda "ohmygod, it’s like the time I usually wake up… I havn’t done anything, not anything even as productive as sleep, but I still feel tired and annoyed, like I did work… Then my sleep schedule gets further off… Oh well, there’s always french class to fit that small nap in. If i arrange my schedule correctly I can figure out which classes I can afford to sleep in. I could’ve done homework, but this was more fun, not productive, just better. Anyone else notice that the people in the bowflex infomercial are so muscular it’s actually sickening, like, who the hell would find someone with veinsthe thickness of a finger or so on their arms, visible to the people who might buy the product… I bet that scares people away, but it must get a few balding middle aged midlife crisis people to buy it though, although the vein thing would be scarier on them… I actually considered watching reruns of cheers, but then logic took a few last gasps and hit me with a 2X4. I will now put in a few random smilies… :wink: :mad: :rolleyes: Why isn’t there an isnomniac smiley? It’s a message board, designed to give insomniacs something to do. I guess :o could be considered a yawn, but then again many people consider it a sexual act smilie. I’ll stick with the ccombination of :eek: and :confused: to make the insomniac. i’ll stop ranting now.

NIGHT II: Attack of the clone submarine movies

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly two nights in a row (I slept from 9am to noon) but it’s 3:03 am. So far I walked downtown, realized the 1 liter coke cost the same as the 2, so I got the two. I’m drinking out of the two liter bottle. We rented Crimson Tide, pretty much your generic sub movie, spoiler: In the end they all die. I watched SNL, sadly I saw that episode the first time they aired it. Yes, I have no life. I heard a great quote from Jay and Silent bob yesterday in the early morning, but I can’t get it exact so I won’t try. I’ll check out a site for it later. I don’t have a frozen pizza to eat, the bag of corn chips along with the leftover (and now stale) bag of lays should hold me over. I just found out I will be at my gf’s house on monday, but i’m going to be so damn tired thanks to this sleep schedule. My only hope is to stay up through all of tonight then sleep from noon tomorrow until about 6 am the next morning. I’m not all that optimistic on that plan. Oh well, there’s always cheap 2 liter bottles of coke (or really expensive 1 liter bottles if I loose reason by then)… I"m going to stop typing now, water world was a sucky movie, they could’ve done so much with that movie.

Continue on with your day. continue on.

Day 2, 5:07am

It’s getting light out, it’s that time of the day where if it were 5:07pm you really couldn’t tell the difference, it’s the twilight/sunrise thing.
I watched “Bandits”, kinda a messed up but vaguely amusing version of “Snatch”. Watch it, it’s good, not as good as “snatch”, though.
Well not much else has happened, the chips are gone, the 2 liter has a little left in it. What’s the point of noncaffinated soda? The thing that gives you energy is taken away. What’s the point? It’s like buying a gallon of gas even though you don’t own a car. What’s the point? and that wasn’t all that much of a good analogy. Reminds me of the SNL last night, “Do you smell gas?”, “you gotta get outta here! There’s a gas leak!!”, then there’s the huge explosion on the cheaply made cardboard set. Sadly only a few people will know what I’m talking about, all the rest of you long ago either hit the “back” button, turned off your monitors or simply dived to unplug your computer due to the randomness of this thread. I just see a slow motion “nnoooooooooooooo” dive to the power strip. Damn, there’s no random smilie. There’s the :confused: confused one, but not a “random” one. I’m like the confused one, but I’m not looking for the answer to anything. And if you took off the question marks it would be just a purple frown, which I’d assume isn’t a good thing. GO WATCH THE MOVIE “SNATCH”. That movie rocks. Go back to your lives, stop wasting your energy.

Oh, one more thing, the whole “boards being down” from whatever time until 5 was a real pain in the ass. I randomly searched links until I ended up at someones personal website, they were bragging about buying a piece of toast on e-bay.

Screw it, I’m going to bed.

Wakie-wakie clayton_e.:slight_smile:

Well it’s 3:45 now, and I’m up for a while. Before bed last night included the looking at the bottom of an optical mouse for the first and last time by me and also the writing of “666” mirrored on Palve’s head with a red perminent marker so his trip to the bathroom would scare the hell out of him (which it did). That is all.