Timing of Ferguson lawsuit a political ploy?

Today, right before another Democratic debate, the attorney general announced a federal civil rights lawsuit against Ferguson. I find the timing interesting. Maybe it’s nothing , but it will help Clinton as she ties herself to Obama even more going into the more racially diverse states.

Sometimes the timing of a lawsuit is just the timing of a lawsuit.

But if you have some actual evidence otherwise, that would be interesting to see.

Oh I know, sometimes a ham sandwich is just a ham sandwich. But, Obama has been hinting towards Hillary lately and there’s no question that Obama had some input into the Ferguson suit.

Any given date would be close to some debate or primary or another. Surely, being right before a primary would be even more politically significant, no?

Why is there “no question” that Obama had some input into the timing?

Because there isn’t! C’mon, John, try and keep up!

There isn’t anything mysterious about the timing of this lawsuit. The lawsuit came one day after the Ferguson City Council voted to change a proposed consent decree to reform the police and courts. Is there any particular reason this little tidbit about the timing, repeated in every major news story, wouldn’t satisfactorily answer the question in the OP?

So maybe THAT was done because of the upcoming Democratic debate, and, something, Hillary.

Sure, I can easily see the President wanting to bury the story with a press release at 3 PM tomorrow heading into a 3 day weekend. Any mention of Ferguson and Loretta Lynch is going to send the right wing media into a fury. But a few questions in tonight’s debate about race can easily help Clinton and hurt Bernie

Besides the highly questionable assertion that this coming up now helps anyone now versus later, this just seems like standard toughness for a federal prosecutor. “Oh, now you don’t like the deal? Fuck you, you’re sued.” Now the city of Ferguson gets to decide if its nitpicking of the deal is worth spending a million dollars on lawyers. Hardcore negotiation tactic, but hardly unusual.

So what we really have is the cornered right wingers who run Ferguson deciding to give the finger to the Feds on the eve of the debate to provoke a reaction they hope is an over-reaction.

Kinda the same thing that Bundy & company are doing in that Oregon forest.

The whole thing is OBVIOUSLY a put-up by the vast right wing conspiracy. There is NO question.


Yes, I’m kidding, but that set of ideas makes more sense than the idea the suit was carefully timed by Obama to help Hillary. At least my version starts with an action (by Ferguson), not a reaction (by the Feds).

The truth is the Ferguson city council met on its normal date and did its normal stupid thing. Which the Feds had already told them would result in an instant counterattack. But they did it anyhow. And got instantly counterattacked as promised.

My bottom line is as **Chronos **said. Every single day on the calendar between now and November is a politically significant date for something somewhere. So any news on any topic on any day can be spun as being politically motivated.