Tin Men--anyone else seen this movie?

I caught this last night on one of the movie channels. Stars Danny Devito and Richard Dreyfus as aluminum siding salesmen. Billed as a comedy, it does have a few funny moments, but it’s also something of a character study. None of the characters are particularly sympathetic. Devito and Dreyfus are con men, and Barbara Hershey is a cheating wife.

I liked the film. It’s not a “Great Movie” or anything, but I was entertained. Dreyfus looks something like Paul Newman. Nice job by Devito in a leading role.

Just wondering if anyone else saw the film and has any comments…

I love it. It’s kind of depressing, even though they are sleazebags, to see them put out of their livelihood. i just love the opening credits, with Nat King Cole’s Sweet Lorraine.

Also enjoyed John Mahoney in a supporting role. I’m more familiar with him as Frasier’s dad, so it was kinda funny to see him as a con man.

This is part of Barry Levinson’s Baltimore trilogy (along with Diner and Avalon), and in some ways, the best of the three, though unquestionably the hardest to warm up to (it’s the least sentimental, for one thing). Haven’t seen it in ages, but may well be worth a revisit…

I haven’t seen this film in, what, 20 years?
It was OK, all I really seem to recall:
Danny Devito’s character’s Cadillac getting rather beat by the end.
Danny Devito telling Richard Dreyfus that he can have his (Devito’s character’s) cheating wife, and Dreyfus’s expression at that being somewhere between surprise and ‘oh crap’
The attractive 1960s-stylish single women at the nightclub licking their lips and giving all kinds of visual flirting cues to Dreyfus when he enters (I happen to like seeing attractive 1960s-stylish women flirting)…
And…that’s about it

Fine Young Cannibals!

‘Bonanza’ is not an accurate depiction of the west.

Quadrilogy, with Liberty Heights, another fine period comedy-drama based in Baltimore.

This is part of my family’s lexicon.

I enjoyed the movie even before I moved to Baltimore. I’m pretty sure I have it on tape. Might have to dust it off.

The Bonanza discussion and the smorgasbord scenes are fun.

The things that stand out in my mind are DeVito asking his wife if she’s seen his white on white shirt, and when he describes pelting Dreyfus with eggs and tomatoes.

I saw this maybe 20 years ago also. IIRC, I enjoyed it. Should I put forth the effort to find a rental version?

I thought it was a great movie. And as a Californian I really noticed the city of Baltimore as a character in the movie. An interesting character.

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That’s a great movie. If you liked this one you should check out Avalon and Diner. All are directed by Barry Levinson. They also feature Baltimore as a ‘character’.

I liked the movie a lot, and there was nothing inherently wrong with any of the performances… and yet, I had a problem with the casting. I just couldn’t buy Danny De Vito married to Barbara Hershey. They tried to deglamorize her, but it just didn’t quite work. She was just WAY too attractive to be believable as the wife of a guy like Danny.

I think he always looks like Newman.