Tina Fey's Scar finally explained


The article says her husband revealed it, but Tina was also there for the interview.

So, some stranger randomly cut her with a knife in her front yard when she was five, ad she didn’t even realize she had been cut at first. I’d expected it to be worse than that, the way she had been talking about it before.

I guess the Tina Fey Scar Detective is out of a job.

I heard her say once that she doesn’t talk about it because it upsets her parents, so me being so cynical, thought it happened through their negligence.

I could see not wanting to discuss a stranger stabbing your 5 year old.

Now that the “truth” is out, I swear I heard someone (maybe even Fey herself) mention this as the reason for the scar a few years ago.

Maybe it was just a good guess on the part of whoever said it, but I always kind of assumed it involved her getting cut with a knife through some kind of event like that.

All I had read was that it happened in her front yard and she didn’t like to talk about it. I just assumed a dog had bitten her, or she had fallen on a nail or something…but to have some wild stranger stab you in the face with a knife!?!

Geez, I wouldn’t want to chat about that very much either.

When I was a kid, we had to stab ourselves in the face. Not like the lazy punks today, who have it done for them.

Well la-di-dah! When I was a lad we coudn’t just swan about knifing ourselves in the face whenever we felt like it. Must have been nice to be YOU - having knives growing off the trees all over the place!! We had to dig in the soil, smelt our own ingots and then flie the ingots down with a bare nails before we could enjoy the luxury of stabbing ourselves in the face.

Oh, so you also went to fencing school in Germany*?

*See the last paragraph in this section.

You should be aware that for most of history, females did not have the right to stab themselves in the face. Our hard-won freedoms are not suitable for jokes. Shame on you.

Sure they did. Plenty of knives in the kitchen.

So… you don’t know about the knife rules?


Hmm football rules, baseball rules, Pink Floyd rules… nope, no knife rules. What are they?

I see she’s played knifey-goony before.

In Mother Russia, face stabs knife !!
Oh please. Someone had to do it. :smiley:

Is this up there with Harrison Ford’s chin scar in terms of notoriety?

I had never noticed her scar until the breaking news on E! last night. :smack:

Dammit. I owe someone from a few years back a Coke.
Oddly enough, the scar revelation was probably the least disturbing part of Dowd’s article.

Yeah, what the fuck was up with that thing? The entire article felt really creepy.

What, no love here for Jan Smithers’ scar?

Hers was from a car accident when she was a teenager.

I too had never noticed she had a scar. Somehow it makes her even hotter…

And why didn’t anybody tell me she was single in Chicago in 1994?!? Dammit!

You mean he didn’t get it as a kid using a bullwhip to scare off a lion? That’s… disappointing.

I only made it to the second page, but all of the mentions of her being overweight and ugly were just unbearable. I mean Christ, Tina Fey!