Tinfoil Hat Time.

Okay, this is just getting weird.

Last night Mrs. Batty and I were watching a Friends rerun. She says to me, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before.”
My response, “Hah, I’ve seen them all. - Wait a minute, you know I don’t think I ever saw the first five minutes of the The One That Could Have Been.”
Guess which episode is being re-run as I am typing this! ???
Yes!! The One That Could Have Been!!!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop torturing me!! I’ll tell you whatever you want!
Pardon me for a moment while I tear the apartment apart looking for that damn hidden microphone.

I believe it is built into the smoke detector. It is govment conspiracy.

I think you just upped your psychic connection with the show with that trivia thread, and your brainwaves are now strong enough to overcome all forms of syndication scheduling.

God help us if you ever get a bee in your bonnet about Caroline in the City.