'Tinfoil Hat'?

Exactly what does the expression ‘tinfoil hat’ refer to? I’ve noticed it’s used here quite often, in an accusatory tone.


Typical timfoil hat wearers believe that the aliens are coming to get them, using mind-rays, and their aluminum hat will protect them. Usually it’s just a creative way of saying “you’re crazy”.

Also, Cecil Adams himself recently discussed the phenomenon in: Do tinfoil helmets provide adequate protection against mind control rays?, although that of course was two years ago, so who knows what sort of advances in hat design have been made since.

That column is a modern classic. Essentially, referring to the tinfoil hat is the cool way to insinuate that someone’s a loony.

Don’t listen to the skeptics. You can find the facts here.

Part of me wants to know how Arnold found that excellent link. Part of me is off alerting the boys with the tight fitting jacket and the really long sleeves.


I felt somehow compelled to go to that site. My fingers were saying “no! no!” but my brain was saying “yes! yes!”

Of course, if you have faith in Conspiracy Theory, you already, of course, know that the shiny side is treated with a dangerous chemical. Yet, Arnold’s site wants me to put this chemical in DIRECT CONTACT with my cranium! (Although, further reading of that site advises that I should add a further piece of foil, with the dull side down, to keep my brainwaves from escaping.)