what's the phrase "Tin foil hats" about?

Forgive me for my stupidity.

(example of my abysmal ignorance:
When the 1920’s death ray joke was running rampant on every thread here, I had to ask what the joke was all about.I’m just a slow learner.)

So what’s behind the phrase “Tin foil hats” ? (referring to people who believe in conspiracy theories)?

Some people believe that the government can read minds via mysterious “mind rays” (not from the 1920’s as far as I know), which one can shield from by constructing an aluminium helmet.

Of course, being a government mind ray scientist myself, I can assure them that this amplifies the thought signal and that the best protection is afforded by the enormous “Afro” wigs found in any good joke shop.

This the column Uncle Cecil did. It started the whole thing.

Why are you asking this question? I already beamed the information to your government neural implant receptor.

Here is a good place to get construction information: Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.

That site is a joke, but the serious one doesn’t seem to be around anymore.

Excellent site, adam!

Oh, crap! SentientMeat, you ARE joking, aren’t you? Aren’t you??? Oh, geez, and I just laid in a few years’ worth of heavy-duty aluminum foil. :eek:

Now what? There aren’t any joke stores in Exurbia selling Afro-wigs. Heck, there’s not a whole lot of anything out here besides insects and manure.

Heeeeeeey… Do you think a pitchfork would work as a grounding rod, drawing off the mind-control rays? I could wrap empty feed sacks around my head too – would that help?

Tin foil hats are so yesterday. These days, Thought screen hats are all the rage…

Then there’s pyrmaid hats. Hmmm…I wonder if those come in tinfoil.

Yeah, just try to use the hats or the Afro wigs. They’ll just read everything off the chip in your butt instead.

What? Surely you don’t think all those injections to the butt when you were a little kid were vaccinations?