Tiny insignificant things that just bug the hell out of you

Don’t you just hate it when . . .

–You see an empty parking space up ahead and go for it. Only to find it occupied by a smaller car hidden behind a bigger car.

–You squeeze lemon juice and a bit of lemon pulp clings to your sleeve or someplace on you. And people seeing it mistake it for a booger of snot.

People who think turn signals are optional.

The sound that nylon exercise pants make when they rub agianst themselves. Drives me up the wall.

Oh, and that parking space thing, but since I have a really small car myself I guess I don’t really have any right to bitch abou that.

People who say “Reesie’s Peesies” (came as close as I could phonetically) instead of the correct “Reese’s Pieces.” Oh, I just want to smack someone! I want to ask them what a “peesie” is exactly, then explain to them that they are PIECES, and the name “Reese” is being made possessive.

Your pen runs out of ink while you’re in the middle of writing something, so you have to finish the letter/whatever in a different color ink.

During your qualifying heat in the race car you really go all-out because you want to get the pole, and you win the qualifier, only to learn that they’re using “reverse start” and so now you get to start the feature in the rear of the field.

I once lent a mechanical pencil to a friend of mine while we co-wrote a skit for Italian class. She wrote until the lead was right up against the metal tip of the pencil. It drove me insane. Finally, she got up to get something to drink - I snatched the pencil and clicked the lead several times. I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

[li]People who prononce the state of Illonois with the “S”[/li][li]People who say “How are yous?” I hate it when people make “you” plural for a group of people[/li][li]People or groups that do something unlike everyone else to be special[/li][li]Bad ads that are just plain stupid[/li][li]There is this one advertisment for a local lawyer, and in the ad he actully says “I’m the Iron Lawyer! Call me, Jim “The Hammer” for a free consutation” then a voice comes on and says “Jim ‘The Hammer’, he’s your SOB!” and they actully say “SOB” I mean, there could be kids watching who then start going around saying “I’m your SOB!” and thinking thats its perfectly ok, becuase they heard it on TV[/li][li]People online who say things like "R u going 2 the movies 2nite? Bcuz I am and I am going 2 get there way b4 it starts so I get kewl seats. I mean, are you too lazy to just type the whole word?![/li][li]People who only go to church on Christmas and Easter.[/li][li]People who constatly miss mass for no good reason (“Well, I was really tired and didnt wanna get up”) I mean, I’ll admit it, I’m not a saint, I’ve done wrong, but is it too much to ask that you go to church for maybe one hour at the most. And if your never gonna go, then quit calling yourself Catholic, because you arent, because you do absolutly nothing to show it.[/li][/ul]
Well, thats all I can think of for now. Maybe some more later.

People who chew their gum w/ their mouths open and/or crack their gum. That smacking noise…UUUUGGGGGHHHH.

I really want to either a) force their mouths closed or b) whack them repeatedly w/ a whiffle ball bat–not enough to hurt them just enough to get my point across.

Raisin bread. Drives me bananas. Why would somebody take perfectly good bread and put raisins in it? Yuk yuk yuk.

[li]Drooling idiots who open an IM with a/s/l?[/li]
[li]Receptionsts that cannot speak English[/li]
[li]People with illegible handwriting[/li]
[li]Timid house pets[/li]
[li]@ssholes who litter[/li]
[li]People who chew food with their mouth open[/li]
[li]Jerks who stand in the middle of a walkway[/li]
[li]Nutsacks dropping gum on the sidewalk[/li]
[li]Babies in movie theaters[/li]
[li]Public use of foul language around women[/li]
[li]Men without any fashion sense[/li]
[li]Really strident commercials[/li]
[li]People worshipping sports stars[/li]
[li]Talking during musical performances[/li]
[li]Out of tune musical instruments[/li]
[li]Campers with boom boxes[/li]
[li]Telephone calls before 07:00 AM[/li]
[li]Nonfunctional pay phones[/li]
[li]Extended PBS pledge breaks[/li]
[li]Really shoddy workmanship[/li]
[li]Porno Spam[/li]
[li]Conspicuous consumption[/li]
[li]One trick pony pop stars[/li]
[li]Cars using two parking spaces[/li]
[li]Really loud motorcycles[/li]
[li]SD’ers without profiles[/li]
[li]Cologne and perfume abusers[/li]
[li]Rude salespeople[/li]
[li]People who crack chewing gum[/li]
[li]Fashion slaves[/li]
[li]Diesel exhaust fumes[/li]
[li]Inconsiderate smokers[/li]
[li]Incessantly barking dogs[/li]
[li]Submorons who turn on their turn signal after the light changes green[/li]
I think that’ll do for now…

Get outta here, Zenster! This thread is for tiny insignificant things! Dunno where you live, but where I’m from, everything you listed except for the gum cracking is a felony.

And the gum cracking is a Class C misdemeanor…

I think that the collective delicate, flowery constitutions of the weaker sex can handle it. Honest.

Swearing for the sake of swearing is a bit silly, however.

Lubs ya, DDG! <insert big grin smilie here>

That’s as may be, but such poor manners usually mean that others are close behind. Poor conduct like that sets off all sorts of alarms for me.

People who clean or scratch their ears with the long end of a bic pen cap, then leave the pen for others to use. :eek: I cannot even use those types of pens at work anymore. I always have my own or I through the caps away.

ooops, I mean throw

I have got to get this off my chest!

I have 2 baskets in my office - big flourescent yellow paper with huge letters saying TIMESHEETS on 1 basket. Been there for months. Timesheets are turned in twice a month. The same idiotic moron stands there, dancing like her bladder’s full and the potty’s a mile away, uphill - while I’m on the phone, motionioning, waving those timesheets, giving me that apelook of "should I put them here, in this timesheets basket? e v e r y s i n g l e t i m e!!

Aaaaurrrggghhhh. I’m gonna choke her next month.

[li]Heavy breathers. Panters. Whistling while intaking breath, and sighing while releasing it. Close your fucking mouth![/li][li]Parents who have no, absolutely NO, control over their children. Why did you give birth?[/li][li]People who litter. Hey, the outside of your car is NOT a trash receptical (sp?).[/li][li]People who talk during movies and sing during musicals. I went to see Rent again tonight, and the woman behind me sung the whole thing. Apparently she thought I paid $50 to hear her version.[/li][li]Giant fur coats. Call me a hypocrit for wearing leather shoes, but a whole lot less animal died for my feet than for your size XXXXXL fur vest.[/li][li]Fur vests?[/li][li]People who run hell-nelly full-speed through stores using their carts or, even worse, their children’s strollers, as ramming devices.[/li][li]Don’t snap at me. Don’t cup your hands over your mouth and bellow at me. Don’t ask me if I work here. Don’t read my nametag and say, “HEY SARAH! OVER HERE!” next time you need help. We’re not best buddies. Don’t wave me down, don’t take that tone, don’t get smarmy when I can’t answer your question, and don’t get pissed when I spend fifteen minutes helping you find a picture frame, find a print, teach you how to hang it, and point you toward self-serve, and then get mad when I can’t tell you off the top of my head when the Arkiblad dish drain is coming in.[/li][li]When people park so close to me than I can’t open my door, with five feet of space on their other side.[/li][li]Left lane = fast lane. Everyone in front of you is going 70. I’m behind you riding my brake. There is a line of fifteen cars behind me riding their brakes. Maybe this is a sign to get in the right lane if you’re going to go 5 mph under the speed limit? You think, moron?[/li][/ul]

I’m sorry. I have so much anger.


(Damn. Blew my cover…)

Get the fuck outta here! Really? :slight_smile:

I think that the collective delicate, flowery constitutions of the weaker sex can handle it. Honest.


Being part of the collective delicacies of the flowery sex, I agree that we can handle foul language…but why should we have to?
My pet peeve—
people who say “pacific” when they mean “specific”—don’t use words of more than a syllable or two, please, you’ll just hurt yourselves…