Tipping in a cashless society.

I rarely eat out, but very occasionally get a home delivery of either pizza or Asian food. All good, I pre-pay on a card, the food arrives…

BUT then I feel guilty for not tipping the delivery bloke at least a couple of dollars.

I just never have cash in my wallet, not even a dollar. And I never know on which particular night I might want to order a home delivery (last one was over two months ago) so can’t really plan ahead to have some pingas on hand.

Are delivery folks getting ‘short changed’ by the move towards a cashless society? I know mine are, but is this a common theme?

I always pay by card too, but here, there is a place on the receipt that allows you to add a tip with your card.

But how do you know that the tip is going to the driver, and not just into the pocket of the proprietor of the food-joint?

Seems unlikely unless you’re ordering from a very seedy small time place. Ask the driver? S/he would have no reason to lie.

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Having an owner or manager confiscate tips is so patently illegal that the punishment is quite severe. So it is generally safe to assume that tips go to the targeted employee.

This assumes that employees know their rights of course!

I live in Aus where tipping is not exactly the norm, but if you are going to tip, it will be for the driver rather than any other employee. I’d expect that tips added to the total bill will never see the pocket of the driver.

double checking
We also live in Aus, and never tip the delivery driver. Here in Aus, there aren’t any workers whose income comes largely from tips; all make some reasonable wage, consistent with any other low-level employment like shop clerk or something.* And coming from the tip-slave economy, I don’t want tipping to become a thing in Australia. When ordering pizza online, there isn’t even a place to put a tip.

The ones I feel bad for are the street musicians; I never have any cash to drop in their hat! I imagine at some point they’ll all be carrying card readers…

*16AUD+ per hour, looks like.


Yeah, never want to get to the US style of tipping, but still concerned that delivery drivers get the rough end of the stick, so to speak.

It’s blatantly illegal not to pay your employees for the work you do but a few years ago I had to drag a (former) employer to court to get my wages. Illegal does not mean impossible.

But yeah, most places do pass tips onto the employee. Unless it’s a place that has a policy of pooling all tips and sharing them among the employees.

As noted, card payers have a means of providing a tip to a worker.

Anything that forces the price to fully reflect the product and services and ensures the worker gets the full wage is OK by me. If a lack of cash gets us there then so much the better.

I hate tipping, tell me what it costs and I’ll choose to pay or not.

It’s all handled by the POS system. When the driver cashes out for the night, it all get documented (and reported for tax) and paid out to the driver.

If the manager wants to pocket the tips, he’s going to have to explain to the driver why he’s missing X-amount of dollars in tips.

And BTW, this is beyond ridiculous: You’d rather stiff a driver on a tip because he MIGHT get stiffed by his boss??

Come on!

Is it really that difficult to keep some fives and ones in your wallet or in a drawer at home?

Recently I overheard employees discussing tipping. Three of them had split a pizza they’d had delivered to work. Whoever did the “planning” had split the price in thirds and collected cash, never figuring in a tip.

I was pissed off and let them know it. I drove to the pizza place and waited for the driver to return from a run. I explained that I thought my employees had fucked him over and didn’t want him lumping me in with them. I gave him some cash.


I don’t carry cash usually, but if I’m going to actually have someone deliver a pizza to my place, I’m going to make sure he gets paid for it. I’m not a fan of tipping, and I don’t necessarily make it a point to tip at Subway or Starbucks, but it’s understood that delivery drivers make their money through tips.

Is is that hard to pay a living wage and not require tips?

What business is it of yours whether someone else tips or not?

This is America - we’re a neo-feudal society in which labor gets jammed by corporations and corporate interests.

Maybe he once worked on tips and the issue hits home


Actually, if you don’t ever use cash, isn’t it really kind of a hassle to get your hands on some fives or ones? They enter circulation pretty much exclusively as change, so if you don’t ever get change… Not that it’s impossible, just an annoying hassle.

There’s ATMs, grocery stores, banks…

Objectively speaking, I think the problem is your attitude and not the system.

Kambuckta: “Sorry, but I never carry even a single dollar, and I’m afraid to tip you via credit card because I’m afraid they MIGHT steal the tip.”

Driver: "Uh-huh … sure … "

Americans, what do you tip delivery drivers?

I give 20% for servers at restaurants but only 10% for delivery usually.