Tips For Craigslist Job Ads

I posted my resume on CL but so far only received two responses both shady outfits that want to sell me something.

I applied to a bunch of ads but all of them that called back were recruiters or shady

Anyone want to share some tips.

Since most of the ads for jobs are blind ads, it’s hard to say which ones are legit. Or is it? I have no problem replying to the ones that have a real company name.

I have throwaway emails so that isn’t a problem either. I used a google voice number, so if anyone calls they get voice mail and GV notifies me ASAP, so I can call them right back.

Any other tips.

Or is it just apply to them all and hope? There must be some people who have used CL.

I’ve used it before but I never really got anything out of it. Others say they do, so there must be things I’m overlooking


I have an interview on Wednesday for a job that was posted on Craigslist. What sucks is that it turns out it’s with a temp company. That makes me mad because it looked like a straight full time job. Temp jobs are not going to pay what I need, offer any benefits or be stable employment. But if I get offered it, I cannot turn it down so I’m stuck.

Right now I am hating Craigslist jobs. Sorry I’m not any help but I’m annoyed with them too.

I’ve been getting a lot better interviews out of Craigslist than out of Monster. Mostly because here in San Francisco, it is recruiters who advertise on CL so they are the ones who have been sending me out on prospective jobs (vs. the actual employers themselves doing the screening).

Apparently you have to look for ads with lots of !!! and capital AWESOME.

I’ve had two legitimate interviews come from responding to CL postings, one of which has led to a small but long-term free-lance gig.

I’ve also had tons of replies from characters who want me to become involved in “consulting for financial services,” sales for home improvement companies and at least one case where I was directed to a website that tried to load malware on my computer.

If there’s some sort of magic formula to filter out the crap, I haven’t found it.