Tips for my first Burning Man?

I leave Friday from St. Louis, driving out to Black Rock City, NV. My wife went once before, in 2012, but this is my first time. I’ve read the survival guide, and I’ve been to regional burns, so I’m not a newbie to the culture really. And I spent plenty of time in Kuwait and Iraq, so I’m no stranger to the desert, either. Just figured I’d see if any dopers have been, and if there’s some last minute advice I may not have heard yet.

Never done any burning man stuff, but it sounds like a great time to get out of St. Louis.

WTF’s a “Burning man”?

Burning Man

My information is secondhand from multiple sources, but Rule 1) Don’t be a dick/freeloader.

The first place to start: what do you have packed*? What are you staying in**? Who are you staying with or where?

*Water. Pack more. A beater bike is a good idea as well.

**Shelter is important.

8 time burner here, since 03…

This is your regional page, it will have info on contacting locals, and it has a link to a local facebook group of burners.

Since you have already been to local burns, you probably have a good taste for the culture - BRC is just much bigger and flatter.

This will be my first missed burn since 09 - this is the year of ENVY!!! Oh well, half my stuff is going, so I’m ok with it.

What would you like to know?

I really don’t know. I was wondering if there were any “unknown unknowns” as Rumsfeld might say. I’ve got water, shelter, food, and a bike. Got our camp arranged. I think I’m pretty well prepared.

I just thought I’d get the doper angle. Anybody got any good Burning Man stories? :slight_smile:

I’ve never been, but I recently listened to an episode of The Cracked Podcast, where one of the guys talked about going to Burning Man. It was interesting, and might be useful to you, maybe you could listen to it on the drive out there. It’s The Cracked Podcast, episode #5, from September 16, 2013.

Here’s a 10 page thread (with lots of pics) about Burning Man on the forums at somethingawful . com:

(the link works right now, but that site often has a paywall, which they put up and take down at random)

Lots of good shoes and socks. That alkali can be hell on yer feet. Pray for good weather. (No wind, rain)

Please don’t leave your trash in Nevada.


Lots of it.

Wait, what was the question?