Tiramisu - Flesh of the Gods

I tried my hand at making tiramisu this weekend and the results were OUTSTANDING! Now I’m stuck with a 13 x 9 inch pan full of Kahlua/Espresso soaked ladyfingers with marscapone cheese and grated chocolate. Who wants some?

(And, yes, I realize the recipe called for brandy but I didn’t have any. The kahlua added just a little more coffee flavor).

Ah, yes.

I’m in a cooking club, and one of the desserts we made at one of the get togethers was a White Russian Tiramisu. It was out of this world. So your kahlua is just divine!

Incidentally, it was a Cooking Light recipe, so if you’re interested, you can probably pick it up at their website by doing a recipe search.

I LOVE tiramisu…

I finally tried making tiramisu myself this past Thanksgiving. I underdid it with the coffee syrup, but the second time I made it, it was perfect. The recipe I used (and have since tweaked since I thought it was too rummy) calls for baking your own ladyfinger layers (you can do it in a solid round so it’s less trifle-y, which I prefer). Now I get begged for it.

I used to make it for a restaurant I worked for. Their version used Grand Marnier, so much that I probably could have turned it into a flaming dessert!