Tired of Broccoli, Rice and Cheese Casserole

In an effort to use up the last of the rice, and the cheese (cheddar) and the broccoli, I made a casserole. It was good. The first night. The second night, it was okay. Now, I’m staring down a Pyrex dish of leftover casserole and it ain’t pretty.

I’m really tempted to seal it up and stick it in the freezer, but I’m afraid it will languish at the bottom, forgotten and freezer burned.

However, the thought of eating broccoli, rice and cheese casserole one more night is not sitting pretty with my taste buds. (I’ve got about two full cups of casserole remaining.)

So, fellow dopers, what shall I add to disguise it as another dish, or should I just stick it into the freezer and leave it up to the Survival of the Fittest Freezer Gods?

Add into chicken stock to make soup, and sprinkle nice crispy bacon over the top?

I vote for sprinkling French’s Fried Onion Rings on top (and adding some bite-sized pieces of chicken or turkey while you are at it).

On the other hand, there are worse things in life than putting undesirable leftovers directly into the trash can without storing them in the freezer first–and frankly, if I ate enough of a dish to get my tastebuds to the “Not this again” stage, the odds are pretty bad that storing the dish in the freezer will make me want it later. (I do much better with planovers I freeze immediately, than with leftovers that reach the too much of a good thing stage).

Roll balls of it in panko, deep fry, and smother in sriracha. Mmmmmm…

Feed it to the dogs, of course! (Or your neighbor’s dogs!)

Or take it to work. Those guys will scarf up anything. :wink:

I like the soup idea though, maybe with some leftover chicken in it? Cheesy chicken and broccoli soup. Mmm.

I have nothing to add, except this thread reminded me of the time I was watching the Packers play the 49ers on TV. There was a banner hung in Lambeau Field which read:





This was when Jerry Rice was still the 9ers’ wide receiver.