Tired Trends

Ok, we thought, “How creative!” the first time we saw it, then “Still semi-amusing” the 500th time, but now after 10,000 viewings, the following trends are officially tired and in need of being retired:

  • “Movie Ad” type commercials - You’ve seen it hawk everything from computers to DSL services to board games in every media imaginable: magazines, radio, tv. Enough already.

  • The Coors Light “I Love Twins” song.

  • Everything low carb

Movie characters fighting while dangling from wires.

Flashing-strobelight magnesium-flare graphics with EVERYTHING. Movies, adverts, TV documentaries … never mind the subject matter, if it doesn’t have flashing lights, it’s not cool. I’m so tired of this.

Heavens, I can feel a Pit thread coming on…

The obsession with being “real” in arts and the media. Not reality TV; I’m thinking more the idea that anything popular, showy or perceived as “selling out” should not be enjoyed, or is inherently inferior to anything perceived as “real”.

My nomination is the advertising lead-in, on radio or TV, that starts with a subdued tone (and, optionally, classical music) which then abruptly stops, replaced by the raucous sound of a record scratching, and then some rock music. This is supposed to suggest, “Whoa, we’re turning convention on its ear!” but instead reeks of, “Whoa, we’re doing the same wacky thing everyone else is doing.”

Example: [Vivaldi music plays in background.] Spring is a time of re-birth. Of renewal. Of tranquility. Of…[VVVRRRRR!] …rocking good deals at Smith Honda!"

I challenge all who read this: try to listen to the radio for an hour, or to watch TV for an hour, without finding this. It is everywhere.

It wouldn’t be quite so annoying if people still USED record players!

I don’t think I’m sneaky/stupid/drooly enough to drink Bud Light, if those commercials are any indication. I don’t think I’m reckless/suicidal enough to drink Mountain Dew.

Anything labelled “extreme”, I am deathly sick of that. Give it up already… shit.

Umm, am I the only one who finds it ironic this was started by HelloKitty?

No offense intended, Kitty, may you personally enjoy your kittydom forever …

Foam trucker hats.

If I hear anyone say “bling bling” again I’m going to snap.

I cringe when I hear the phrase “reality t.v.” or survivor.

“I’m lovin’ it.” I’m pitting it.

Not exactly a “trend” by the standard definition but…

I am sick to death of the simpering, sentimental, and ego-catering BS of Bennifer. KILL IT! KILL IT! Bennifer… Jesus. Their love has become an evil, living entity of dramatic proportions! I think we need a regular joe of a knight to come and slay this dragon. I cannot stand it when a celebrity, who doesn’t really have a talent, outgrows their own ego. I used to like Ben Affleck but he’s become “affleck”-ted by this media monster and actually helps to feed the damn thing! Kill it!!

Jennifer Lopez (I absolutely refuse to call her “J-lo” and honey… you haven’t been “block” for a long time, ain’t happening when you pay someone to rub lotion on your big butt), IMHO, has no talent… she’s sold her soul. Ben has, as well.

I am very glad I am no celebrity, that I have no fame because I think it truly changes you and I like who I am. I’d be scared I’d turn into “SuperBitch: Queen of Ego” with all my fame and fortune. Just what the world needs, another Jennifer Lopez.

SUV’s. Especially the death-star sized ones.
Perhaps 10% of the owners need all that room with 4WD. The rest could make do with a minivan, station wagon or (shudder) a sedan.

Campaign signs

You know, the ones that just have the name of the candidate and the office they’re running for.

It’s a sad reality that people vote for names they recognize. No matter what their stand on the issues, the one with the most pretty signs will win.

If you want to allow signs, then I say make them put their entire platform on the sign as well. At least it’ll have some useful information on it.

Music-video style montages in TV shows. You know, when some song, complete with vocals, plays on the soundtrack while the characters just moon around doing nothing. (Occasionally there’s dialogue, which you have to strain to hear underneath the song.) Jerry Bruckheimer puts one of these things in the last few minutes of damn near every episode of his shows.

Makeover/Remodeling shows. There’s another new one coming out soon. I don’t even remember the name of it. Enough already!

FYI: I don’t really watch TV that much. I never watch those type of shows. I’m just getting tired of all the damn commercials for them!

Blue LEDs

In my area, you still see low-rider cars and trucks-- lowered to the point where going over an ordinary speed bump is an ordeal. That’s a fad I sincerely wish would die, already.

What makes me laugh the most, though, is the junker cars decked out with thousands of dollars in accessories. I’m sure you’ve seen one . . . The last one I saw was an 80’s vintage Dodge Aries with spoilers, gold rims, neon lights around the botom, and a sound system which can be heard on the moon. I always wanted to ask them if it wouldn’t be smarter to save your money and buy a better car, rather than bedecking an old nag which probably won’t last through the rest of the current presidential administration.

Madonna - please you are so over, your albums don’t do it and movies never did it, please go back to England, take a Holiday.

Today they are Nice Girls - Tomorrow they are Slutty Whores.
Britney and Christina.

Movie Stars-TV Stars, who are like, hey I’m just a working stiff just like you, No - you are not, Yes - you do work, but your paycheck is way more than mine will ever be.