Tis' the season---for KING CAKE!!!!!!!

Oh how I love king cake, with it’s sugary goodness and yummy cream cheese center. And I love the special way they make the icing at the bakery I get mine from. It’s like manna from heaven, really it is.

But…I can’t stop eating it! I know you aren’t supposed to have cake for breakfast, but since it somewhat resembles a danish I’ve had a piece the last two mornings-----correction, I’ve had a slab two mornings in a row (and that’s not even counting the other pieces I’ve been eating throughout the day).

Ah, but I can indulge because the magnificent King Cake comes only once a year. Is anyone else addicted to these things??

In case you don’t know what a King Cake is, here’s a pic:

Is this a regional thing? I’ve never seen or heard of a king cake before now. That looks entirely too tasty.

It’s a Mardi Gras tradition. If you google “king cake” you can find the history of it.

I work at an ad agency in Chicago, and since we work with all of the tv and radio stations in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport markets - we get about 10 king cakes as gifts every year about this time. They’re pretty good, but I should point out that many do not contain the cream cheese filling. Most are like a giant rolled cinnemon roll, covered in colored sugar. Some are certainly better than others though.

Has anyone ever bit into the baby? I imagine that would be unpleasent.

I work with a company located in Baton Rouge, and every year at this time they send us a King Cake - yummy!

Is King Cake any relation to King Ding Dong?

I think a lot of bakeries just sit the baby on top of the cake, or in the case of my cake, tape it to the box. Maybe they thought it would be a choking hazard. Who knows?

I also love King Cake! Too bad I never get the baby. One of my roommates started a King Cake tradition in our house because she used to go to Tulane and loved it. Now we gorge on King Cake for the season. The only downside is dessert for breakfast and the last I checked, that was one of my goals as a child.

That’s the one thing I keep thinking when people bring up King Cake and the other stuff that has hard little things to find in it…what if you bite into something and break a tooth? Doesn’t sound very pleasant…

The king cake that showed up at work on Tuesday came in a box bearing the warning, “Warning: This cake contains a non-edible baby figurine.”